Top Nezha Builds to try in 2021

One of the three oldest Warframes, Nezha is also known as Third Lotus Prince in Chinese Folklore. Li Jing’s third son, Nezha, is popular as a protection deity with a youthful appearance and trickster reputation. He conceals immense power behind his playful facade.

According to folklore, the rings on his ankles known as Wind Fire Wheels give him the ability to fly or walk in the air. Whereas the ring on his back known as the Universe Ring allows him to summon the sacred fire protecting his allies by bestowing life and energy.

Nezha Builds

Nezha can turn his foes into ashes with his divine flames. Now, let us move forward and take a detailed look at the folklore deity Nezha, and top Nezha builds.

How to Obtain Nezha Warframe?

Earlier, the chassis blueprint could be brought from the market, but now Nezha’s blueprints need to be researched in the Tenno lab of the dojo.

Abilities of Nezha:

  1. Fire Walker produces the blazing trail of fire, cleansing his allies and turning his foes into ashes.
  2. Blazing Chakram – Using this ability, Nezha summons a fire ring that burns down the enemies and causes a healing blast on their death.
  3. Warding Halo – Nezha summons a protective fire ring using this ability that stuns the enemies and deals damage to enemies coming closer.
  4. Divine Spears – This ability summons spears with fire tips said to be originated from his Universe Rings and impales nearby enemies on it.

Top Nezha Builds to try:

Nezha Warframe is decent in health and shield but possesses high armor and energy. For the builds centered around power and strength, Umbral Intensify is the right choice. While using Transient Fortitude, which increases the ability strength on the cost of duration, Primed Continuity can compensate for the duration.

Another way is to use Intensify instead of Transient Fortitude. It will save Primed Continuity’s slot, and some other mods such as Corrosive Projection or Health Conversion can be used.

For the builds using Blazing Chakram ability, Reaping Chakram can be an option. In contrast, in general, Streamline can be used to increase the ability efficiency.

However, Umbral Vitality is also not a wrong choice if you are on the front line. It boosts the health significantly, allowing Nezha to sustain longer and overcome his low health pool.

The All-in-One Team Player Build

The All-in-One Team Player Build

The first build that we will be talking about is the All-in-One team player build. As Nezha is one of the fastest Warframe, it is capable of healing the damage done to the groups. You can use different mods in this build to safeguard yourself from getting killed.

You can use Corrosive Projection and the Power Drift to ensure your safety and increasing strength and efficiency. Along with these two mods, the other mods that can be relevant for you to increase the survival rate will be Vitality and Intensify.

Vitality deals with increasing health and Intensify will help you in increasing the strength of the team. Streamline and Health Conversion will help you in increasing the efficiency and will heal the damage that will be done to you. This build goes well with the efficiency and the strength but lacks the duration and range of the radar.

The Tank Build

The Tank Build

The next build that we will be discussing is the Tank build. As we know that Nezha is one of the fastest Warframe, it needs Sprint Speed Aura. As this build is straightforward, any Aura mod and Arcan will be working fine in this build.

The most used mods will be Corrosive Projection, Umbral Intensify and the adaptation. These mods will be helping you in survival rate and increasing the health pool. As corrosive projection deals with the damage done, you will have enough health to survive till the last.

The other mods will be Fleeting exercise and Stretch that will be helping you in providing good ability range and ability duration. As the build itself is not good with duration, it will be helpful for you to use the mod to increase the duration and the radar range.

Once the range is increased you will be able to locate the enemies on the radar from far away. Now, Umbral Vitality and the Primed Continuity mods will be helping you in enchancing the health reduced and the damage that is done to the team. Along with you, these mods will also be helping the team.


Although being a versatile Warframe, Nezha has often been underrated. However, it can be a significant Warframe that can attack and support the team to sail through the missions.

Using right Nezha builds, as we have discussed above, he can be assigned a particular role in the battle. Not to doubt about, the folklore deity Nezha has got his own charm.

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