Warframe: How to Get Valkyr

Valkyr is considered one of the oldest Warframe and is released in the beta version of the 2013 update of the game.

Valkyr consists of a wide range of fast melee attacks along with a great defense mechanism. Valkyr is considered the toughest of all the female Warframes based on her stats.

How to Get Valkyr

That is why she got the title of Queen by the players themselves. She became a ferocious melee monster because of her claws. She can also attack the enemy while recovering her health.

In this guide, we will discuss all the details about how to obtain Valkyr. I hope that this guide will help you throughout the journey.



  • Invisible melee fighter
  • Very easy to get.
  • Strong escalated weapons
  • High-level armor
  • Fast running speed
  • Fast knockdown recovery


  • Short attack range
  • Low shields

How to Get Valkyr in Warframe

To obtain the Valkyr character, first, you must go to Jupiter. You must then fight with different enemies and complete several missions to obtain the Valkyr Blueprints and all the essential resources that help unlock Valkyr.

Themisto Assasination Mission on Jupiter

In this mission, you will have the chances to get these resources:

  • Valkyr Neuroptics
  • Valkyr Chassis
  • Valkyr Systems

To Obtain These Resources, You Have to Fight and Defeat Alad V and His Companion Zanuka.


Alad V

Alad V is considered as the corpus boss who has some defense abilities like an electric shield, which can knock you back, so it is recommended to maintain a safe distance from him.

To trounce him, you must use the magnetic damage against his shields, which will help in quick depletion of his shield, and along with the impact with physical power, it will deplete faster than usual.

For dealing with magnetic damage, you can use weapons like Battacor or Opticor as they are accommodating in dealing with massive magnetic damage.


Zanuka is considered the companion of Alad V and can do all the offenses using his homing missiles. He is also capable of slowing you down using his Frost bomb. So, to defeat Zanuka, you must use Cold damage to make him slow down.

After making him slow, you can continue your fight with Alad V. Some of the weapons like Glaxion or Siber help deal with cold damages.

Defeating Alad V and Zanuka

Defeating Alad V and Zanuka

To win the fight against the two, you must be very aware of both the enemies at the same time. Firstly, you must attack Alad V using a magnetic weapon and destroy his shield.

You must make sure that you do not go melee with him. Otherwise, he will use his defense abilities to knock you down quickly.

After breaking Alad V’s shield, Zanuka also put down her shield automatically. And after that, she will blindly rush toward Alad v and protect him until he gets his shield back. This is your perfect opportunity to attack Zanuka with Cold damage weapons. In this process, Alad V will regenerate his shields.

So, you must repeat the same process until you kill Zanuka ultimately. After killing her, you can focus on defeating Alad V.

Best Warframes Against Alad V and Zanuka

To defeat Alad V and Zanuka, you need to focus on the Warframes that can last longer in a fight.

Some of the best Warframes against Alad V and Zanuka are:


Mesa is one of the strongest Warframe which can easily handle both. You must equip Mesa’s Peacemaker, which helps deal with magnetic damage. You can also use her fourth ability to finish the mission quickly.


Rhino is a suitable option for solo players when they are farming on Valkyr. Using the Rhino Roar, you can quickly improve your damage, and he is also soaking enemies’ power using his Iron Skin. If your Iron Skin is active and you knock it out at that time, it will help you in automatic immunity.


Hildryn is an excellent option for Solo. She has an overprotective shield that can protect her from all damage types. She also has a Pillage ability to easily steal some of Alad V’s shields, which makes it easier for her to desert him.

She is also invulnerable to all the damages of enemies for three seconds, using her pillage, and can quickly restore the broken portion of her shield.


Protea is also considered as a very strong Warframe because of her unique abilities like Blaze artillery. Protea can take away Zanuka from the arena so that you can easily fight with Alad V. Using this Warframe, and you can either stay away from Zanuka or attack both enemies at a close range.


Note: Defeating Zanuka is very difficult if you are a beginner. It requires a lot of practice.

Crafting Requirements

Valkyr Blueprint can be easily bought from the in-game store in exchange for 35000 credits. The Three main Valkyr Blueprints are Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis, and these can be obtained by defeating Alad V in Jupiter.

Valkyr Blueprints – Easily obtained by defeating enemies, and some of them are available in stores too.

Valkyr Blueprints

Some Other Tips and Tricks for Obtaining Valkyr

It is recommended to use an extractor; it will help you to gather resources quickly. Using an Extractor will increase the probability of getting rare and uncommon elements.

Generally, most of the resources are available on Phobos. Phobos consists of a total of four elements. On Jupiter, the three main Valkyr Blueprints are available. So, to obtain these resources, first, you must unlock all the planets before.

Final Words

Getting Valkyr is not an easy task if you are new to the game. You will need some game knowledge to defeat the Alad V and Zanuka to achieve the Valkyr Blueprints.

After that, it becomes somehow more accessible, and you must find other resources on different planets.

This is all about this topic about Valkyr. I hope that you find this helpful guide. If you want to share something with us related to the topic or have any queries regarding this topic, you can paste your comment below. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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