How to Farm Pustrels in Warframe

After the Rising Tide Update of the game, a new ore is introduced known as Pustrels. It can be used to build your Railjack. This new ore is very easy to obtain. Pustrels Warframe is more common in Empyrean than in Infested ship tileset.

Farm Pustrels in Warframe

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Pustrels Warframe, and we will also discuss where to find it along with its farming process. So, you must make sure that you read the complete guide before proceeding to the game.

Pustrels Warframe

Where to Find the Pustrels

Pustrels are a widespread resource that can be found on the plains of Eidolons. They can be dropped from the red ore veins. They can also be available from Earth Proxima, Saturn Proxima, and Veil Proxima.

Some of the best places on the map to find the red ores:

Where to Find the Pustrels

1. Caves

It would help if you looked in the caves near the Twin Horns, and they usually produce a good number of red ores veins. So, it is recommended to place a marker over there and head towards it.

2. Stone Formation

As far as you go from the Cetus gate, the probability of getting red ore veins increases. It is recommended to run toward Mount Nang and pick everything you will see on the way to collect red ore veins.

How to Farm Pustrels

To farm Pustrels Warframe, you will need some resources such as:

  • A Nosam Cutter – It can be found in the Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus
  • A Sunpoint Plasma Drill – It can be obtained from Smokefinger in Fortuna.

You can also buy them from relevant syndicates from standing. To obtain the syndicates, you will have to complete the quests for Konzu in Cetus or Eudico in Fortuna.

How to Farm Pustrels

After getting them, you will have to head towards the Plains of Eidolon. You will have to equip your mining tools along with gear wheels.

Your minimap will indicate all the ore veins in the nearby area. You can also use this as a radar which will beep faster when you get close to a vein.

The red and blue lines in the rocks indicate the veins. It would help if you mainly focused on them because these are very useful in farming pustrels.

How to Farm Pustrels 2

It would help if you aimed at the red vein with your mining tool, helping make some bright spots. After pressing the trigger button, a colored bar will start to fill up on the screen.

Then, it would help if you stopped the firing when the colored bar hits at the center of these spots. You must be very accurate in the process to gain more resources.

Pustrel Drops are very random, and there is no possible way to know if the vein contains Pustrel inside it or not until you mine it.

One of the most comfortable places to farm Pustrels Warframe is Railjack built, and you can obtain a considerable amount of pustrels by completing their mission.

Pustrels can be dropped by dead enemies, glowing asteroids, containers, etc. To farm these, you must make sure that you will not extract them.

Final Words

Pustrels are very easy to farm and can be readily available in the Plains of Eidolon. You can bring any of your favorite Warframe to defeat enemies which are spawned there.

You must make sure that you carry all the essential farming tools, such as mining drills, gear wheels, etc.

This is all about Pustrels Warframe Guide. If you find this guide useful, then do not forget to share it with your loved ones.

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