Warframe - Rattleguts Build Guide

Rattleguts is one of the best classic versions of Kitguns as used as the most popular secondary weapon.

It has the capability to innate radiation damage and can also feature high impact damage when used with the proper grip.

Rattleguts Build Guide

In this guide, we will discuss Rattleguts along with their pros and cons. We will also discuss the different Ratllegust builds. We hope that this guide will help you with obtaining Rattleguts Build easily.



Rattleguts is a Kitgun chamber component that can fire hitscan beams and deal with Radiation, Puncture, Slash, and Impact damage.

When used with Primary Kitgun, the Rattleguts have a disposition value of 0.6, while when used with secondary, they have a disposition value of 0.75.

The impact damage mainly depends upon what grip you are using, and Gibber Grip is mainly recommended to use along with the Rattleguts.



  • It can innate Radiation damage.
  • It can innate IPS damage.
  • It can fire Hitscan beams.
  • It has a fast fire rate.



  • The impact damage is depended on the grip.

Best Rattleguts Build

Best Rattleguts Build

The Rattleguts can easily be combined with all four other grips and still deal massive damage without any self-staggering.

Using Gibber will increase the fire rate, or you can use Haymaker to increase the damage output, but it will decrease the fire rate. You can use Lovetap as your grip, and it will help maintain the balance between damage and fire rate.

Rattleguts Builds

No matter which grips you are using, it is always recommended to pick the Splat loader and choose a hybrid build that mainly focuses on critical chance and damage.

1. Standard Hybrid Rattleguts Build

Standard Hybrid Rattleguts Build

The Standard Hybrid Rattleguts Build mainly focused on getting the highest benefit from the weapon. In this build, Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker are used for increasing the damage output.

You can also use Magnum Force to obtain more fire rates, and it does not have any adverse effects on the weapon. You can obtain a multi-shot with the help of Barrel Diffusion along with the Lethal Torrent.

You can also increase the status chance by adding two +60% status mods. It is instrumental in shooting six bullets per second to get enough status chance procs.

Corrosive damage is not required here, and you can also bring Hydraulic Crosshairs to increase the Critical Chance even further.

Final Words

The Rattleguts is considered a fantastic Kitgun which can shoot Hitscan beams. It is beneficial for you to play with Pax Seeker as an Arcane.

You can use the mentioned build, or you can create your custom build. Every player has a different play style, so it is upon you to style your Kitgun according to whatever you like most.

This is all about this guide. We have discussed Rattleguts along with the different Rattleguts Build. We hope that you find this helpful article.

If you think we missed some vital information related to the build or want to share your custom build, you can do it by commenting down below.

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