How to Get Titania? – A Complete Guide

Titania is a deadly, versatile, and brutal Warframe. It can control the crowd and has individual other abilities that make her different from every other Warframe.

It is a popular Warframe because it can deal with a large group of enemies at once without any help. It is called the Queen of Fairies, and it can change its form whenever it wants, and also it can fly around the enemies as well.

If you get the Titania on your side, your chances of winning the mission are relatively higher. It has specific abilities that are way different than any other Warframe. It can also suspend the enemies in mid-air and become a bomb and lure the enemies to death.

So, from all this information, you might have guessed by now that Titania is not a general Warframe and so is getting Titania.

How to Get Titania Blueprints?

How To Get Titania Guide

Both the Titania blueprint and the components blueprints can be found in only one quest that is the Silver Grove Quest. However, you cannot directly jump to this mission and finish it off because you will be needed to complete some pre-requisites.

It has a main quest that is “The Second Dream” that needs to be completed first, and along with this, there is another pre-requisite that is to be reached up to Mastery Rank 7, and then you could switch to the Silver Grove Quest.

The Silver Grove Quest has three phases that you will be needed to complete in order to get the required blueprints. The first phase is to find the Titania System Blueprint. Once you enter into the quest, you will get the Nightfall Apothic blueprint, and along with this, you will also receive a voice imprint that will guide you forward.

Phase 1 – Blueprint

Phase 1 (Get Titania Systems Blueprint)

Once you hear the voice imprint, then you can move forward and use the Codec or Synthesis Scanner that will allow you to locate the plants that can be helpful for you in crafting the Nightfall Apothic. If you want, you can bring the Helios or the Helios Prime that has the investigator mod. This mod can be found helpful in scanning for the enemies and objects that lie within the range.

Phase 2 – Titania Chassis Blueprint

Titania Chassis Blueprint

The next phase that we will talk about is the Titania Chassis blueprint, and we will look at how we can get the Chassis blueprint. Like the previous component, here also you will get the voice imprint, and you will have to search for the needed plants that to craft the Twilight Apothic. One rare resource is the Moonlight Jadeleaf, and it can be found near grass or water during the night on Earth.

Another resource, Frostleaf, can be found in large batches on Venus, Neptune, and few other planets, and the Vestan Moss can be found on the rocks present on Mercury, Phobos, Saturn, and few other planets. Once you finish finding all these requirements, then you can think of moving forward.

Ruk’s Claw and Lunar Pitcher are something that can be easily found in other decorative plants that are found on the Lunar soil on Lua. Once you get the Twilight Apothic, then you can craft it into the gear. After this, you will be required to head back to Earth and go to the altar. This time, you will again hear the same voice imprint that will be guiding you to get out of the room.

Now, the Saryn Orphid Specter will appear, and you will have to fight it and win the mission, and then only you will be able to receive the required blueprint. Once you get the Titania Chassis blueprint, then only you will get the next required blueprint that is the Apothic blueprint.

Phase 3 – Titania Neuroptics Blueprint

Titania Chassis Blueprint

The third and the last phase is getting the primary blueprint and the Neuroptics blueprint. Once you get these two blueprints, then you will be able to farm your own Titania. So, for collecting the required blueprints, the first task that you will have to do is to follow the voice imprint. A female researcher will be asking you to follow the directions, and then you will get the required blueprints after scanning the plants.

For the Nightfall Apothic Resources, you will have to collect 500x credits, 2x Morphic, 2x Sunlight Jadeleaf, 8x Frostleaf, 12x Vestan Moss. As you know that the Sunlight Jadeleaf is rare, so you will find it only in the Grineer Forest Tileset. The Frostleaf and Vestan Moss can be found on Venus, Neptune, and Uranus.

By now, you would have collected every single resource that is required for farming Titania, and now you can collect all the blueprints and start farming it.


So far, we have discussed how we can farm our own Titania and where we can find the required resources. As the resources are rare, you will have to look on each planet and scan each plant so that you get the required blueprints, and then you can start farming it.

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