Tusk Thumper Fight – A Complete Guide

In the night, when the Eidolon roams around the Plains of Eidolon, the day comes in the acquisition of the Grineer, and they have some heavily armored vehicles known as Tusk Thumper.

There will be many four-legged enemies that will be roaming around the map that will keep following you to attack you, and, they are a good source of rewards. That is why, if you have decided to go for Tusk thumper fighting, then you should be aware of this.

However, you will find that you cannot encounter them every time. You can only fight with them if you are doing the Cetus bounties. Also, you can go on and search for the Plains for the enemy to fight.

As soon as you find the Tusk Thumper, then you will be needed to kill it, and only then will you be able to move forward. The fight, however, is not that difficult, but still, you must be skilled enough to beat it.

Tusk Thumper

As we have discussed that though the fight will not be that difficult, you will still be needed to be skilled enough so that you can fight with Tusk thumper and beat it. But the very first thing that is required on your end is that you will be needed to find the Tusk thumper, and only then will you be able to fight it. So, as soon as you find Tusk thumper, then you can start the fight directly.

Tusk Thumper has three different versions, and it is never guaranteed that which one can come across you. So, the normal one is the normal Tusk Thumper that is not that difficult and strong, and it can be killed easily.

The second one is the Tusk Thumper bull that is relatively stronger, and the last one is the Tusk thumper Doma that is the strongest. However, no matter how intense the Tusk Thumper is, the fight will always be the same.

Tusk Thumper Fight Guide

There are few steps that you will be needed to follow. The very first thing that is required at your end is to destroy the armor plate on the four knees. For this, you can use any of your weapons and shoot it out. Then, you will see a glowing green light that is a weak spot for you, and you can attack it. As it is weak, it will be killed in no time. You have to use your weapon to shoot it off.

Repeat all these steps for all the four legs of the tusk Thumper, and once all the four legs are killed, then the Tusk Thumper is killed, and you will get the rewards for killing it. There is no need to kill one and then move to the other, but you can try to kill as many as possible at the same time.

Also, you will find that the Tusk Thumper moves a lot, and that is why if you keep changing your position, then it will be difficult for you to kill it.

How to Kill Tusk Thumper?

How to Kill Tusk Thumper

What you can do is to stay in one position and let the Thumper move. All you need is to focus on that area coming in front of you, and you have to shoot them. Once all the legs are killed, then the Tusk Thumper will be defeated.

As soon as it gets defeated, you will see that it has dropped Plains of Eidolon resources that you can collect for yourself. More so, if you bring the Nekros Warframe, then you can double the amount of the resources that are dropped by the Tusk thumper.

Furthermore, you will find that after around 120 seconds, another Tusk Thumper is spawning on the map, and you will have to repeat the same procedure to defeat it and collect the rewards that it drops after getting killed.

For killing the Tusk thumper, the one and the most important thing is to bring the right set of weapons and Warframe in the mission. You can always choose some Warframe that can give you the ability of invisibility so that the Thumper cannot kill you.

Titania, Nova, and Loki will be the best picks for this mission as the mission is not that difficult and robust, and that is why these Warframes will be the best to be picked for their abilities. Also, these Warframes will be providing you good ability strength and ability range that can help you in defeating the Tusk Thumper.


With this guide, you must have got that killing the Tusk Thumper is not a difficult task but is a tricky one, and if you know the right way to kill it, then it will be easier for you to defeat it.

So, the only things that you need to take care of are the Warframes and the weapons that you are taking on the mission.

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