Limbo Build – A Complete Guide

Wait! Is he a magician? Well, not really. But he can blur the borders between realms and reality, disrupt the space-time continuum trapping the enemies through his vicious abilities.

Yes, we are talking about Limbo Warframe, The Master of Rift. Launched in 2014, he is the tallest Warframe in the game and has undergone so many changes.

If you have ever heard of divide and conquer, Limbo is the Master of It. He manipulates the planes of existence, divides his enemies by trapping and conquering them in the rift.

Having hilarious troll potential, Limbo was getting used to putting the teammates in the rift with no way out. This is why it underwent changes several times by the developers. Limbo is best suited for end-game missions.

Limbo Prime Builds Guide

The armor gives it a good defensive ability, has high sprint speed, and comes with three polarities as well. Whereas the low shields may be a disadvantage, and coordinating with the team could be a challenging task.

How to acquire Limbo Warframe?

You will have to purchase the main blueprint from the market and the blueprints of the components are acquired from the Limbo Theorem quest on completing the Europa Junction.

Limbo Warframe abilities:

  1. Banish – Limbo is the rift king and using this ability he traps the target enemy into the rift plane. If the enemy is hostile then it will take more damage.
  2. Stasis – Using this ability, Limbo freezes the enemies that are rift bound. These weapons also freeze mid-air till the stasis ends,
  3. Rift Surge – Limbo inflicts high damage to the enemies in the rift plane by a void energy surge.
  4. Cataclysm – This ability creates a violent energy blast opening a rift plane. The rift plane lasts for a few moments and then collapses again with a devastating blast.

Limbo Builds:

In this section you will find a few most popular Limbo builds which have been crafted to overpower the enemies in the battleground.

Limbo Build – Ultimate Endgame (Cataclysm Stasis Build)

Cataclysm Stasis Build

The first Limbo build that we will be discussing is the Ultimate endgame build. This build is quite popular because of the abilities and mods that are there in the build. More so, this build is one of the best builds for solo as well as for a team.

But the mods used in the build cannot be compromised, and hence one should have prior knowledge about the mods before playing it. It is better to know that Corrosive Projection and the Cunning Drift are the significant mods in this build.

The most crucial mod here is the Cataclysmic Continuum, and the Constitution mod that helps to recover from knockdowns and increasing augment duration. The Adaptation mod increases the resistance to damage, and the Narrow-Minded mod increases the ability strength and ability duration.

All these mods, when combined, form a great deal to protect you from any damage provided by the enemies, and it will help you in surviving throughout the mission. Quick Thinking is another mod that will be helping you throughout the mission.

Limbo Prime Nuke Build

Limbo Prime Nuke Build

The Limbo Prime Nuke build is somewhat unique because you will be using the Cataclysm to nuke every mob range. For this, you will be needed to stack up energy, duration, and efficiency. The fleeting Expertise and Streamline are the go-to mods for Limbo Prime Nuke Build, and along with that, the other mods that can be found useful are the Stretch and Overextended. These mods are essential to gain control for Limbo, and then you can use them in the mission.

Limbo is a deadly but fun Warframe to explore, and it has got many such abilities that are tricky and not easy to be used. If you think that you are not going well with the abilities of Limbo, then you can switch to its different mods and use the mods with its ability so that if things got worse, you will have the mods to use and kill the opponent.

Limbo goes well with the energy, so you will not be needed any energy mod, but you can take energy siphon as a backup mod.

Also, before using Limbo, make sure that you know everything about its abilities and mods. Otherwise, it will be complicated for you to survive throughout the mission.


In this guide, we have discussed the key points about the abilities and builds of Limbo Warframe. With the decreasing armor and efficiency, the only thing needed to overcome this is the energy level and the ability strength.

For this, the Stretch and the Overextended mods are our go mods. Other than these mods, all you need to take care of is the abilities of the Warframe so that you can use the right ability at the right time.

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