Warframe Proboscis Cernos Build 2023

Warframe is all about customizing your weapons and Warframes to take on challenging missions, and the Proboscis Cernos is no exception.

The Proboscis Cernos is one of those cool weapons, and we’ll learn some awesome tips and tricks to make it even cooler. We’ll learn everything you need to know about building your Proboscis Cernos for maximum effectiveness.

We’ll walk you through the different mods, equipment, and strategies to make your Proboscis Cernos a force to be total with. We will learn about which modes to use, what stats to focus on, and how to release the full potential of your Proboscis Cernos.

So, be ready to find the warframe proboscis cernos and learn how to make the most of your Proboscis Cernos. It’s time to become a pro of the Proboscis Cernos in Warframe.

Understanding Proboscis Cernos Build

Understanding Proboscis Cernos Build

Warframe is a fun online action game known for its cool weapons and ways to make your character look cool. One of the interesting weapons is the Proboscis Cernos Build. Let’s see what it is and how it can make your Warframe game even more fun.

The Proboscis Cernos Build gets its name from the long, bendy part that some bugs, like butterflies, have. In the game, it’s like a bendy bow that you can use in many different fights.

What’s special about the Proboscis Cernos Build is that you can change it to fit how you like to play. You can make it good for shooting from far away or for fighting up close. You can try different things to make it stronger, shoot better, and hit harder.

This makes the Warframe Proboscis Cernos Build a great choice for any Warframe player, giving you a mix of nature-inspired style and the power to make it your own.

How to Get Proboscis Cernos Build

How to Get Proboscis Cernos Build

1. Understand the Weapon

The Proboscis Cernos is perfect for dealing with big groups of enemies and causing them all sorts of trouble. When many enemies are coming at you, this weapon helps you keep them away. It’s perfect at making things tougher for your enemies. You can slow them down, confuse them, or make them weaker.

So, if you want to be the hero of the battlefield and make your enemies sorry for messing with you, the warframe proboscis cernos is what you need. It’s your way to control the crowd and cause all kinds of problems for your foes, all in one handy package.

2. Critical and Status Mods

Make sure to use mods that make it easier to land critical hits, cause status problems, and deal more damage overall. Two good mod examples for this are Point Strike and Vital Sight.

When you pick mods that boost your chance of getting critical hits, like Point Strike, your weapons are more likely to do extra damage with each shot. This means you’ll defeat enemies faster and greater. Vital Sight is another mod you should think about. It makes your weapon’s hits even more damaging.

This can turn a strong weapon into a really powerful one. Also, mods that increase status chance, like Toxic Barrage or High Voltage, can make your weapons cause status problems more often.

These problems can mess up enemy defenses and cause damage over time, which helps you in fights. By focusing on these mods, you’ll make your weapons finer and more useful, which will improve your warframe proboscis cernos experience.

3. Elemental Damage

Change your gear to fit your style and the enemies you’re up against. These mods let you tweak your weapons and things to match what you like and who you’re fighting. Think about it: you’ve got different enemies to deal with. Some are tough, some hide behind shields, and others hate fire or electricity. With these mods, you can adjust your gear as needed.

If you prefer shocking them, pick an electricity mod. You can even mix them for more options. Customizing your things is the way to win battles, and these mods give you the power to perfect your gear. So, whether you like fighting alone or with friends, these mods help you beat your enemies in your way.

4. Synergy with Warframe Abilities

Make your warframe proboscis cernos stronger by adding special upgrades, especially those that can group up enemies. Mods like Thunderbolt are best for causing big explosions, making your battles easier. These mods are like power-ups for your suit, making it even better in fights. When you use mods that group enemies, it’s easier to beat them because they’re all in one place.

Now, let’s talk about Thunderbolt. This mod is a game-changer. It adds extra boom to your attacks. When your shots hit, they explode, dealing more damage to your enemies. So, don’t forget to pick mods that make your Warframe’s abilities greater, especially ones that group up enemies.

5. Experiment and Refine

To get really good with the Proboscis Cernos, keep trying different mods. Change things up as you find new mods to make it better. You add new things to make it stronger. If your setup isn’t perfect, don’t worry.

Try different mods to make your shots faster, more accurate, or blow up things finer. Don’t forget, it’s a game. Just keep trying new things. You’ll figure out what’s best for you and your Proboscis Cernos. So, stay flexible and adapt as you become a warframe proboscis cernos pro.

Best Proboscis Cernos Builds in Warframe

1. Critical Damage Build

Critical Damage Build

This warframe proboscis cernos setup makes your bow super strong. When you use mods like Point Strike and Vital Sight, it makes your bow more likely to do really big hits. Think of it like making sure your arrows do the most damage they can. If you add Serration, it makes your bow’s regular hits even stronger, so when you get those big hits, they’re super harmful.

Think ofit this way: your bow becomes a super-accurate machine, shooting arrows that are great at hitting the target and doing lots of damage when they do. So, if you want to take down your enemies quickly, just put on these mods and watch your bow deliver some seriously strong shots. Your enemies won’t stand a chance.

2. Status Build

Status Build

If you like making your enemies suffer in the game, this setup improves your bow with upgrades called Hunter Munitions and Vigilante Armaments. This warframe proboscis cernos make your bow more likely to do special things and shoot extra arrows simultaneously. This helps your bow become perfect at causing problems for your foes, like making them bleed.

With Hunter Munitions, your arrows might make enemies bleed, hurting them slowly. Vigilante Armaments helps you shoot more arrows in one go, giving you a greater chance of causing these effects. So, when you have these upgrades, your bow becomes a really cool tool for making your enemies go through all sorts of trouble. They won’t know what hit them, and your gaming experience will be way more fun and exciting.

3. Hybrid Build

Hybrid Build .jpg

In Warframe Proboscis Cernos, a hybrid build mixes two things: critical hits that deal big damage and status effects that make enemies weaker. To do this, we use special mods like Hunter Munitions, Hunter Synergy, and Argon Scope. It makes your shots sometimes make enemies bleed, even if your weapon isn’t meant for that. This makes your attacks hurt more over time.

Hunter Synergy makes your weapons work together better. It boosts your chance to get critical hits when you or your buddy hit an enemy. This means you’ll hit extra hard and might cause status effects. Argon Scope helps you aim greater. When you get lots of headshots in a row, it makes your critical chance go up. This makes it easier to keep your critical stats high. With these mods, your Warframe becomes super flexible, able to deal massive damage with critical hits and weaken foes with status effects.

4. Stealth Build

Stealth Build

If you like to play stealthily, this setup is for you. It’s all about taking out enemies quietly. To do that, use upgrades like Hush and Infiltrate. These upgrades help you eliminate bad guys without making noise so that you can surprise them easily. Hush quietens your guns so you won’t alert enemies when you shoot.

Infiltrate makes you better at sneaking around and hiding, so you can sneak up on enemies and take them out quietly. This setup is great for people who like to sneak through levels without getting caught. It lets you stay hidden, giving you an edge in the game. So, if you enjoy being a super stealthy gamer, give this setup a try for a more exciting and sneaky gaming experience.

5. Burst Build

Burst Build

If you want your warframe proboscis cernos bow to shoot really fast, there are two special upgrades you can use: Speed Trigger and Vile Acceleration. Speed Trigger does exactly what it says: it makes your bow shoot arrows faster. So, you can fire more arrows in a shorter time, which is best when you need to hurt enemies quickly. Vile Acceleration is another cool choice.

It not only speeds up your bow but also makes your arrows fly faster. This means your shots hit your target faster, and your enemies have less time to escape. When you combine these mods, your Proboscis Cernos bow goes from normal to super powerful. You can shoot arrows super fast, making it much easier to defeat your enemies. So, if you like the idea of a turbo-charged bow, give these mods a go.

6. Elemental Build

Elemental Build .jpg

This setup is all about making your arrows hit enemies even harder by using elemental damage. You can add mods like Stormbringer, Infected Clip, and Malignant Force to your bow. These mods give your arrows special powers like electricity, toxin, and corrosive effects. This warframe proboscis cernos is great because it works really well against different types of enemies, especially the ones with tough armor.

Think aboutbattling with these mods on your bow and watching enemies get weaker when they get hit by your elemental arrows. So, put on these mods, and you’ll become a hero on the battlefield.

7. Ammunition Efficiency Build

Ammunition Efficiency Build

To make sure you don’t run out of arrows when using your Proboscis Cernos during longer missions, you can use special mods like Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation and Trick Mag. Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation changes extra rifle bullets into arrows, so you’ll always have enough. And Trick Mag increases the number of arrows you can carry, ensuring you’re all set and ready to go.

By using these mods, you can keep shooting arrows without worrying about running out, no matter how long your mission lasts. You won’t have to search for more arrows, and your gaming experience will be smoother and more fun.

8. Rage Build

Rage Build

If you want to make your Warframe more powerful without any fuss, try using mods like Hunter Adrenaline or Rage. These mods are amazing. They turn the damage you take into energy.

Think about you’re in a big fight, getting hit a lot, but instead of worrying about running out of energy, you’re actually getting more. Hunter Adrenaline and Rage keep your energy tank full so you can use your Warframe’s special moves more often and become a real powerhouse on the battlefield.

And don’t forget to ensure you’re comfortable while gaming. Whether you’ve been playing Warframe for a while or you’re just starting, these mods can give you the energy boost you need to have more fun in your battles. Give them a try and see your warframe proboscis cernos reach its full potential.


The Warframe Proboscis Cernos Build for is all about making your game experience more exciting and powerful. This build, which focuses on the Proboscis Cernos weapon, brings together mods and strategies to help you become a difficult force in the game.

By following the tips and suggestions, you can turn your Proboscis Cernos into a harmful weapon that can take down enemies with ease.

Don’t forget to always pay attention to your mods, upgrade them when you can, and adjust your playstyle as needed. Communication with your squad can also make a big difference in your success.

So, land into your Warframe game, try out this Proboscis Cernos build, and take down enemies in style. With the right setup and a bit of practice, you’ll be unstoppable in no time.

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