Warframe: Dera Vandal Builds Guide

The Dera Vandal is a primary rifle, which is the vandal variant of the Dera. It is considered a perfect weapon because of its faster firing rate and almost no recoil.

This article will discuss this new weapon – Dera Vandal along with all its features and its other builds.


  • 🎮 The Dera Vandal has a high fire rate of 11.25 and a magazine size of 60, making it a powerful weapon in Warframe.
  • 🎮 The build includes powerful mods like Galvanized Chamber and Galvanized Aptitude to maximize multi shot and status chance, making it a formidable weapon in the game.
  • 🔋 Heavy caliber for more damage gives us a great good percentage of it and definitely obviously as you see.
  • 🔫 The Dera Vandal build with the right mods can provide 120% damage for 24 seconds, making it vital for taking down enemies.
  • 🎯 Increasing critical chance for your primary weapon can make a significant difference in its performance.
  • 🔥 The Dera Vandal performs really well without a Riven, despite the high disposition.

Dera Vandal

Dera Vandal Builds Guide

The Dera Vandal is considered as the vandal variant of the old weapon Dera. It is equipped with some of the best features like higher status chance, more critical damage, and enlarged magazine size.

This weapon is considered best for the mid and late period of games, but you cannot rely on Dera Vandal when you are on god tier.


Dera Vandal

Some of the best characteristics of Warframe Dera Vandal Build are:

  • It has an accuracy of 100, which helps hit enemies to low and high ranges as well.
  • It has an 8% chance to deal with critical hits per shot.
  • It has the capability of firing around 11.25 projectiles per second.
  • It has a capacity of 60 shots per magazine, as compared to Dera, it has only 40 shots per magazine.
  • It has a reloading time of 1.8 sec.
  • It is an automatic rifle and continues to fire till the trigger is held down.
  • It has slash damage of 1.6.


  • High Puncture Damage
  • High Critical Hit Damage
  • High Fire Rate
  • Very Good Accuracy
  • Fast Projectile Speed
  • Good Magazine capacity
  • Low Slash Damage


  • Low Impact Damage
  • High Projectile Travel Time
  • No elemental damage

Sample Builds

The Dera Vandal can hit enemies from a very far distance in fully automatic mode.

It only lacks critical chance, but it performs very well while dealing with elemental damage and status builds.

Some of the samples build of Warframe Dera Vandal build are:

1. The New Player Build

The New Player Build

The New Player Build consists of two extra elemental damage, and it also has some improvements in fire rate and critical damage.

This build is relatively easy to farm. You must keep progressing through the game, and then there comes the point where you can build Dera Vandal by yourself.

Heavy Caliber is another mod available in the new player build, which you can try out in the early stages of the game.

It will result in increasing the damaging output. It is not recommended to use it because it cannot kill enemies in the long or medium range.

2. The Critical Build

The Critical Build

The Critical Build consists of Serration and Heavy Caliber, which increase the build’s overall damage.

To improve the weapon’s critical ability, Vital Sense is used to improve the point strike, which eventually improves critical chance.

This build might not have the most critical severe damage, but it provides a huge amount of damage to enemies when it strikes a critical hit.

The elemental damage of this Mod is created by two other elemental mods, which will give another element.

The Critical Build is also responsible for increasing the excellent puncture damage of the assault rifle. That is why it uses Piercing Caliber.

You can also combine it with different mods for increased output damage. This build is considered weaker than the complete status build.

3. The Full Status Build

The Full Status Build

The Full Status Build is considered the best build if you want to continue the game with Dera Vandal. This build is considered very strong against different enemies and can also allow you to kill massive mobs in very little time.

In this build, Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, and Shred are used to create room for the four-elemental damage.

These four mods will ensure a 100% status chance and help you provide a massive amount of elemental damage.

The Full Status Build mainly focuses on dealing with elemental damage and status effects. The area of effect damage and the weakening of enemy targets mainly depends upon which Mod you choose.

The elemental damage is also considered a deadly weapon if the enemy is weak against combined elements.

4. The Headshot Build

The Headshot Build

The Headshot Build is quite like the Critical Build, but the only difference is that the Heavy Caliber is replaced with Argon Scope.

The removal of Heavy CaliberCaliber reduces the damage of the build, but it provides more accuracy for the headshots.

If anyone is not happy with Heavy Caliber’s removal, they can replace the Split Chamber with the Heavy CaliberCaliber. The primary purpose of the Headshot build is to gain a higher critical chance by headshots.

You must make sure that you have activated the buff from the Argon Scope, which will increase the weapon’s critical chance.

Final Words

The Dera Vandal has a good increase in its stats as compared to the older Dera. It is a powerful weapon and very easy to obtain and craft.

If you are looking for a fantastic assault rifle, the Dera Vandal is worth the choice.

This is all about Warframe Dera Vandal Build. I hope you will like this guide, and if you do, do not forget to share it once.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this topic, you can comment down below. We will be delighted to solve all your queries.

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