Top Akstiletto Builds of 2021

The pesky Akstiletto is the first Tenno lab twin machine pistols designed for a rapid-fire rate. They are secondary weapons best suited for fast-moving and close combats because of their decent accuracy and super fast reload speed.


A surprise attack using Akstiletto is enough to put an enemy in trouble. Although the magazine seems to be short for this fire speed and needs to be reloaded continuously, it can be supplemented through mods, and Akstiletto builds.


  • 🔫 The reload on this puppy is fantastic, animation and it’s also clocked at 1.1 seconds – boom gun ready to fire again absolutely fantastic.
  • 💥 If you’re looking for a good automatic secondary with a head scan attack, you’re gonna be loving your time with this one.
  • 🎯 “Target cracker is still super underwhelming. This should be at least 80 but what can you do if you got a prime version of target cracker 100 go for that one.”
  • 🔪 Karna’s Stinger increases the number of slashes on the target, making it a good choice for killing in the current meta.
  • 🔫 If you want a single target automatic pair of secondary pistols.
  • 💥 Flat damage is still the way to go when it comes to increasing your clear speed in Warframe for the vast majority of content.
  • 🔧 Arcanes can have a significant impact on your Warframe build, providing bonuses like flat damage and critical chance.
  • 💪 “This isn’t a former king of secondary weapons if you will and from my humble point of view is still definitely worth playing today as long as you don’t have too high expectations.”

Advantages of Akstiletto:

  • Deals decent Impact damage
  • Good Status and Critical Chance
  • Moderate Accuracy
  • Very high fire rate and reload speed
  • Naramon Polarity for customization

Disadvantages of Akstiletto:

  • Lower Puncture damage
  • Accuracy decreases with distance
  • Less effective in mid-long range
  • Ammo efficiency very low
  • Critical damage not upto the mark

How to acquire Akstiletto?

You can acquire the primary blueprint of the Akstiletto by research from the Energy Lab in the dojo. Since dojo can be found in clan only, you will need to join one first.

To manufacture Akstiletto, 20000 credits, 2 Gallium, 800 Salvage, 200 Alloy Plate, and 1 Forma are required. The manufacturing process takes 12 hours to complete and can be rushed by spending 35 Platinum.

For research in the tenno research lab, you will need 5000 Credits, 550 Salvage, 500 Ferrite, 300 Polymer Bundle, 50 Alloy Plate, and 1 Gallium. It takes 72 hours in total to complete the research.

Top Akstiletto Builds in Warframe:

Akstiletto is a reliable secondary weapon than the fist and sparring ones for close combat. It can be modified slightly to make it better than the base version. For customization, the Naramon polarity comes in handy in using different mods.

Tainted Clip – This can be used to increase the magazine capacity which seems to be on the lower side due to its rapid-fire rate. Reload speed gets slightly impacted but is not felt much. You can increase the magazine capacity by upto +60%.

Hornet Strike – Use this mod to increase the damage by upto +220%. The very high fire rate combined with longer clips and higher damage can prove to be devastating in the battle.

Pistol Gambit – This mod increases the Critical chance so that the possibility of getting a Critical hit gets higher and more damage can be inflicted on a Critical hit.

Target Cracker –  It increases the Critical damage by +10% to +60%. In combination with Pistol Gambit, it can very significant damage to the enemies.

Akstiletto – Standard Prime Build

Standard Akstiletto Prime Build

The very first build that we will discuss is the Akstiletto Standard Prime Build. If you have made up your mind to get the Akstiletto to build, then there are high chances that you might need some substantial mods that can be useful for you in the mission.

This is because Akstiletto Standard build is a straightforward build and needs a lot of control over the high Impact Damage. Though there have been Convulsion mod and Corrosive damage mod that is standard damage mod, you might need a backup mod such as the Pummel.

The Augur Pact, Hydraulic Crosshairs can also be your go-to mods that are the most important and used in this build. Although you do not need the energy and efficiency in this mod as it is not necessary as well as not required that much, you can still go with the Vitality mod. This build also allows using of its Pathogen rounds or any other elemental damage mod as the build is pretty much about the damage only.

Full Status – Akstiletto Build

Full Status Akstiletto Prime Build

The next significant build is the Full status Akstiletto build that allows you to use the damage output that helps in killing a group of the mob in few seconds. However, in this build, the Energy Siphon and Corrosive Projection mod will not be the right choice, but you can choose to pick it up if you think you

Since the build requires a faster fire rate, you could switch to the Multishot ability of the Vigilante Armament. Damage output must be relatively high in the build. Otherwise, the focus will be lost. However, you must know that picking the right mods will help you win, but you will have to make sure that you are using the damage output and high-status chance in the build itself.


By now, you must have understood that Akstiletto is a manipulative Warframe, and it can be hazardous for the enemy as it has some dreadful abilities and mods that can be used in the mission. However, to use these abilities, you should go through the polarity and projection of the builds and mods so that you use the right set of mods together. So, the only thing that you will be needed to worry about is the elemental and damage mods.

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