Warframe - Ghoul Purge Guide

Ghoul Purge is a recurring world event that happens almost every week. It happens in the Plains of Eidolon and is considered a special bounty mission.

This event will reward you with some unique resources, which makes this event worth doing.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Ghoul Purge Warframe.

We will also discuss its different mission types along with its different rewards. We will also discuss some of the best warframes for this event. We hope that this guide will help in completing the event quickly.


  • 📩 Players will be notified via mail about the Ghoul Purge event: “Once the event starts everybody will be notified via a mail your communication inbox and you will see a message from the Lotus.”
  • 🌟 One of the most important things about this event is that players can farm Nitain Extract, a valuable resource that is usually only available through alerts.
  • 🌟 Nitain extract is not exactly farmable, making the event worth checking out for Warframe players.
  • 🌟 The harder level 40 to 50 bounty will yield over 2,000 standing, providing a greater challenge and reward for players.
  • 🎮 The Ghoul Purge event in Warframe offers access to valuable hunter mods, making it a crucial opportunity for players to enhance their gameplay.
  • 🎮 Neat Ain extract is a possible reward for both the harder and easier bounties during the event, increasing the chances of obtaining it.
  • 🎮 The encrypted journal teases an upcoming warframe named Cora, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to the game.
  • 🎮 The event provides a unique experience for Warframe players, adding depth to the game.

Ghoul Purge Warframe

Ghoul Purge Warframe

Ghoul Purge Warframe is a weekly event that happens on the Plains of Eidolon. During this event, the plains will be surrounded by an increased number of ghouls and remain until the ghoul population has been exterminated.

At the start of the event, the lotus informed all the players about the Ghoul Purge. There are various bounties in this event which are almost like the basic ones.

To participate in this event, you will have to keep an eye on the progress bar because the Ghoul Population will be reduced over time and entirely purged until the new event starts.

Ghoul Purge different Mission Types

Ghoul Purge different Mission Types

There are different types of missions in this event. Some of them are ghoul-themed and offer regular bounties.

Here is the list of the different mission of this event:

Ghoul Alpha Assassinate

The Ghoul Alpha Assassinate bounty mission involves killing a Grineer Ghoul Alpha. The Grineer Ghoul Alpha will erupt from the ground once in 20 Ghouls. You have a total of five minutes to kill all the ghouls within the target area to draw out the alpha, and then you must kill him too. The mission will fail if the timer expires.

Ghoul Cache Recovery

The Ghoul Cache Recovery’s main task is to make the players find three supply crates that are marked at a random location. On the minimap, you will find them as yellow circles. The supply crates are in orange containers and emit a distinct sound that can be heard up to 30 meters. All the players must find the crates within the given time; otherwise, it will fail the mission.

Ghoul Alpha Capture

The Ghoul Alpha Capture mission is quite like the cache recovery, and you must find the Ghoul Capture target within the designated area. After finding the target, it will start to run toward the extraction point. Then, the players must deal damage to the target to immobilize them. This mission can also be complete without killing any enemy.

Ghoul Exterminate

To complete the Ghoul exterminate mission, the players must clear a minimum of twenty Ghouls from the two burial grounds. If you did not leave the designated area in the given time, it would fail the mission.

Ghoul Defector Rescue

This mission enables players to find a ghoul defector rescue which the four Grineer guards are escorting. The players must kill the four guards and hack the bomb collar and cancel its 30 seconds timer. Then, the players must head towards the extraction point to complete the mission.

Grokdrul Injections

This mission’s main objective is to find and kill the enemy that carries the orange power cell. After collecting the power cell from them, you must fill it by collecting 10 Grokdrul dropped from killing enemies. You have a time limit of five minutes to complete this mission; otherwise, the mission will fail.

Ghoul Purge Rewards

Regards are the main reason why most of the players are participating in this event.

Here is the overview of all the regards which you are going to receive after completing the event:

  • The Stubba Primary Weapon
  • The Quartakk Primary Weapon
  • Nitain Extract
  • Hunter Adrenaline
  • Hunter Command
  • Hunter Recovery
  • Hunter Synergy
  • Hunter Track

The higher-tier bounty will reward you with higher-tier relics, and you can also get some special regards from the first one. You are also eligible for getting Cetus Wisp and Breath of Eidolon as the reward.

Best Warframes For Ghoul Purge Event

To complete all the missions of this event quickly, you must have to choose the correct Warframe.

Some of the best Warframes for this event are:

1. Mesa

Mesa is considered best for his event because it can kill enemies in all directions.

2. Ember

Ember is also considered a great choice because of its massive strength.

3. Nova

Most of the players also choose Nova for this event to complete the mission’s quickie.

If you are looking for an ideal weapon for this event, you must consider the Amprex and the Arca Plasmor. Both the weapons are strong enough to kill all the enemies and help in completing the missions quickly.

Konzu Bounties

Ghoul Codex

Final Words

The Ghoul Purge Warframe event is hilarious and loved by most of the players. Completing this event will help in getting some special rewards.

The Ghoul purge event is an excellent way to earn some Nitain Extract by grinding through its missions.

This is all about the Ghoul Purge event. We hope that this article will be helpful for you.

If you think that we forgot to add some more information, please tell us by commenting down below.

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