Warframe Tonkor Builds -  A complete Guide

Introduced in the update 16.4 as a Grineer weapon, Tonkor is a grenade launcher that fires explosive projectiles that cause blast damage on exploding. The physical contact of grenade also does some Puncture damage to the enemy.

Blast damage is more effective against Machinery and Fossilized enemy, whereas the Puncture damage affects the armor.

Warframe Tonkor Builds

The grenades fired from the Tonkor explodes after covering a distance of 7m, thus eliminating the possibility of self staggering. It also has a high Critical chance and Multiplier, giving an edge to the player.

There are some obvious limitations like low fire rate, small magazine size, and lower projectile speed for long-range. But these limitations can be overcome by using various mods and using specific Tonkor builds.


  • 💥 With the right build, the Tonkor can transform into an absolute monster in terms of damage output, despite its initial limitations.
  • 💥 The majority of damage from the Kuva Tonkor comes from the big explosion, making it a powerful weapon in Warframe.
  • 🎯 Hunter Munitions is mandatory for a slash build on this weapon, bypassing the whole status chance and making it very powerful.
  • 🔥 “Build 120 level corrupted heavy goons. There got absolutely bloody annihilated and that to me is pretty impressive from a weapon that again doesn’t really require any special mods.”
  • 🎮 The interaction with Kuva Tonkor is absolutely insane and so much fun.
  • 🔫 The weapon can do a whole lot more damage with a single shot, enough to annihilate a high-level target.
  • 🎯 The Tonkor cuts through targets with no problem whatsoever, making it a powerful weapon in Warframe gameplay.
  • 🔥 Using heat and corrosive instead of viral on the weapon can be a game-changer for the Kuva Tonkor build in Warframe.
  • 🚀 The kuva tonkor is an absolutely insane weapon that everybody needs right now, go farm it and enjoy.

Advantages of Tonkor:

  • High Critical Chance Multiplier
  • Massive Blast damage along with Some Puncture Damage
  • Knockdown with direct hits even if grenade does not explode
  • Very High Accuracy
  • Self Staggering protection of 7m
  • Decent reload speed

Disadvantages of Tonkor:

  • High linear damage falloff
  • If not paid attention explosion may cause self stagger
  • Magazine size is just 1, forcing continuous reloads
  • Ammo of rare sniper pool

How to acquire Tonkor?

You will have to purchase the blueprints of Tonkor from the market for 30000 Credits.

Following that you will need to have 60000 Credits, 1500 Salvage, 200 Oxium, 800 Cryotic, and 2 Argon Crystal. The manufacturing time is of 24 hours and you can rush by spending 45 Platinum.

Top Tonkor Builds in Warframe:

You can opt for Precision Strike to boost up the reload speed while hitting the enemy directly.

To prevent the enemy from escaping the projectile, Adhesive Blast can be used. It converts the normal grenade to Sticky one.

Firestorm can be used to increase the blast radius and alternatively Amalgam Furax Body Count can be used as well. Serration is also a good option to increase the damage output in combination with Firestorm.

Sniper Ammo Mutation is also a good option for using the unused ammo pickups to convert into the Sniper ammo.

The High Critical chance of the Tonkor can be aided with Vital Sense to increase Critical Damage as well.

Some other mods that might prove to be useful are Split Chamber for Multishots, Heavy Caliber for damage output, and Point Strike for increased Critical chance.

Tonker – Critical Damage Build

Critical Damage Build

Critical Damage Build

The first and foremost build that we will discuss is the Critical damage build. In this build, the main idea is to build around a good strength so we can use the mods that will be providing us boosted strength and efficiency. The Split Chamber and the Heavy Caliber are the two mods that will be the perfect combination of strength and efficiency.

In a similar way, the Hunter Munition and the Serration will also be a great combination to deal with the damage done, and the build itself is pretty good with the accuracy rate and the fire rate. The build is pretty straightforward and thus does not require many complex mods. The most common mod that can be used is the Point Strike to increase the critical chance and Primed Fast Hands to increase good chances of reloading speed that is much needed.

Overall, the build is relatively easy and straightforward, and thus it does not require many substantial mods that provide ability strength and ability efficiency. The most important mod that can be found here is the one in which you will get a good reloading speed.

Tonker – Standard Build

Tonker – Standard Build

The Tonker Standard build has blast damages and Vigilante Armament mods that can be useful in the mission. The Vigilante Armaments mod is used in the build to provide good chances on the Multishot and Heavy Caliber, and Serration is the elemental mods that provide increased damage output.

The Hellfire is one of the weakest mods found in this build, but even that can be turned useful when you combine it with some other sound mods. So, in total, you will have to combine two or three mods in the build so that you could form the right combination and kill the target. So, it will be better if you build a combination of good mods by combining ability strength and Multishot mods.


By now, you must have noted down few points about the Tonker that when and where do we use the different mods that it offers and how it could be easier for us to use these mods in combination with other mods.

The critical point here is that the Tonker has high critical chances, and thus you will not need any robust mod here, but if you think that you will need any support here, only you can use the strength mods. Otherwise, the build is already pretty generous with the efficiency mods.

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