Top Rubico Prime Builds in Warframe

Rubico Prime is the Primed variant of Rubico, which is a revolver-styled sniper rifle that is known for the highest critical multiplier. This semi-auto sniper rifle primarily deals Impact damage that makes it better suited for the enemies having higher shields. Its high critical multiplier comes at the cost of its status chance which is the lowest at 12 % among all sniper rifles for Rubico and 16% for Rubico Prime.

Rubico Prime Builds Guide

Rubico Prime has some advantages over the base version in terms of even increased critical chance, slightly higher status chance, better fire rate, and reload speed. It is a noisy weapon, so it is not suited for stealth gameplay. The coolest part is that the combo counter starts just on the fire of 1 shot and produces 1.5x damage and 2x damage on the third shot. However, reloading resets the combo counter to 1.0x.

Advantages of Rubico Prime:

  • High impact damage
  • Highest base critical chance among sniper rifles
  • Fire speed is the second-fastest among sniper rifles
  • Lower recoil making it more accurate
  • Very high accuracy; best for headshots
  • Decent magazine size and good ammo economy

Disadvantages of Rubico Prime:

  • Less useful against armor and health
  • Lowest status chance among the sniper rifles
  • Very high linear falloff of ~ 50% between 400m – 600m
  • Short combo decay
  • Slow reload speed

How to acquire Rubico Prime?

The primary blueprint and the components of Rubico Prime can be obtained from different void relics.

  • The blueprint can be obtained from Meso R1, Meso R2, Meso R3, and Neo R2.
  • The barrel can be obtained from Lith S8, Meso Z2, Meso Z3, Neo H2, and Axi M1.
  • The receiver can be obtained from Lith A3, Lith K2, Lith K3, Lith O1, Lith W2, and Axi T5.
  • The Stock can be obtained from Lith B5, Lith M3, Meso E2, Neo P1, Axi A9, Axi D2, Axi L5, and Axi P2.

Fifteen thousand credits, 1 Barrel, 1 Receiver, 1 Stock, and 10 Orokin cells are needed to manufacture Rubico Prime build, which takes 12 hours. You can rush it by spending 50 Platinum.

Top Rubico Prime Builds in Warframe:

Rubico Prime possesses both Madurai and Naramon Polarity, which allows attaching several mods to it. Different mods used with Rubico Prime are –

  • Point Strike– You can use it to increase the Critical Chance by +25% to +150% although, Rubico Prime has the highest Critical chance in class.
  • Vital Sense– Use it to boost the Critical Damage by +20% to +120%.
  • Serration– This mod can be used while dealing with high shield enemies. It boosts the damage given by +15% to +165%. You can also use Heavy Caliber to increase damage output, but it decreases accuracy.
  • Vigilante Armaments – Use this mod if you want to increase multishot along with added Critical chance as a bonus.

Rubico Prime – Forma Eidolon Build

The Standard Rubico Prime Build

a pretty excellent accuracy rate and fire rate. Along with this, there are various mods that can be used along with the weapon so that it would become more comfortable for you to kill the enemies in a single go. The Heavy Caliber provides you a great deal of damage, but it is somewhat low inaccuracy. Along with Heavy Caliber, you can use Vital Sense for good critical damage.

The Serration and Point Strike will be an excellent combination for increasing the critical chance and damage, and in this way, it will be easier for you to survive throughout and kill the enemies. You can also try to explore the Hellfire mod to boost heat energy and Point strike for increased critical damage. The right set of mods, when combined, forms a vicious and deadly ability that is almost impossible to neglect.

Rubico Prime – Riven-free, Anti-Eidolon Build

The Impact Munitions Build

The next build that we will be talking about is the riven-free build that also has a pretty good accuracy rate and sound projection. Along with this, it has several modes that can be used within the mission. The Twitch mod can be used for increasing the holster speed, and the Vigilante armament mod can be used to increase the chances of Multishot.

The other mods are also relatively helpful. The Stormbringer creates a fair amount of electricity, and the Vital Sense deals with damage control. So, if you think that one mod is not enough to be used for killing the target boss, then you can use a combination of two or more mods so that you do not miss the chance of shooting the target. You can also try and explore some other mods that you think can go well.


Rubico Prime is one of the best sniper rifles among all. Its pinpoint accuracy boosts its strength and makes it a popular choice for those good at aiming. It does not have any significant flaw, and most of its shortcomings can be overcome using various mods. This article deals with many popular mods that you can use with Rubico Prime and create a custom build to have fun around.

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