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Hello Everyone, in this guide, we will bring you a quick review of the new Grineer assault rifle named Argonak.

The Warframe Argonak is an assault rifle that Grineer develops. It helps make the visibility of enemies better. There are two modes available in this rifle, and you can easily switch between the auto and the semi-auto mode.

The automatic mode can deal with high fire rates, which eventually results in increasing the critical chance. The semi-auto mode deals with a good combination of both status chance and critical chance.

The blueprint of this weapon is available in the Chem Lab only after the research of the Grinlok is done.

Argonak Characteristics

Argonak Characteristics

The Warframe Argonak has massive damage of 57, which spreads mostly between impact and slash.

It has a very high-status chance of 27% in fully automatic mode, while in semi-auto, it has 27 critical chances, 2.3 multiplied, and a status chance of 23%.

The Argonak is considered a Hitscan weapon that instantly hits many enemies by just pointing the reticle towards them.

The Argonak works well, along with the armored and fleshy targets. You can easily take down a high-level gunner in 6 to 7 seconds. If you want to make it effective against shield targets, you have to mod it properly, which includes some blast damage or magnetic procs.

The Warframe Argonal also consists of a laser sight, which is only beneficial at nighttime. Its range of highlighting enemies is not more than 100 meters. Using a laser allows you to be more accurate and efficient.


  • High Slash Damage
  • High Base Damage
  • High-Status Chance
  • High Critical Damage and Status Damage in Semi-Auto mode
  • Easily highlight enemies by aiming
  • It consists of extraordinary Amalgam Argonal Metal Auger Mod


  • Slow reloading speed
  • Low Puncture Damage
  • Low Critical Chance in full auto mode

Different Builds of Warframe Argonak

Different Builds of Warframe Argonak

As you know that, the Argonak has two different firing modes. If you are comfortable with the semi-automatic mode, you must play with a higher critical chance, resulting in slowing the attack speed.

The only rule is that if you want to clear a massive group of enemies at once, then you must use the fully automatic mode.

The semi-automatic mode’s high critical and good status chance makes it worthwhile to obtain a slash process and helps make enemies bleed through their armor. The full-auto mode can be helpful in quickly stashing to chip away the health of the enemy.

Let us discuss them in detail:

1. The Semi-Auto Build

The Semi-Auto Build

The Semi-Auto Build helps provide a great status chance along with a high critical chance. Playing with a hybrid build does not mean that you have ample space to play with.

You must use Serration and Split Chamber on every assault rifle in this game. For critical damage build, you must use Point Strike and Vital Sense. You must have to use 60% of the status chance mods to get a maximum status chance from your build.

You only get two mod slots to use. Using Vigilante Armaments along with the Heavy Caliber seems very good. It helps in the more multishot combination and effective in increasing the damage.

If you want to switch the mods, it is recommended to switch the Vigilante Armaments, as it is considered the weakest mod in the entire build.

The Argon Scope and the Bladed Rounds is one of the best replacements if you are sure about replacing Vigilante Armaments.

2. The Automatic Mode Build

The Automatic Mode Build

The Automatic Mode Build helps provide a full auto mode play style. You must make sure that you have switched the mod to full auto before spraying your bullets towards enemies.

The only disadvantage of using this build is that it has a meager critical chance because it mainly focuses on increasing the status chance.

With just two status chance modes of +60 %, you will be able to get the weapon upto an 89.5 % proc chance. You can also increase the damage output by using two elemental mods.

Final Words

The Warframe Argonak is a fantastic assault rifle that can provide you a good damage output. It will not be helpful throughout the whole game, but it is considered a beast at the early and mid-stages.

It can destroy enemies of level 85+ very quickly. Both its modes are entirely excellent and helpful in providing a good result. You can upgrade this weapon to make it a total beast.

So, this is all about Warframe Argonak. I hope that you liked the guide, and if you do, please share it once.

If we missed some point related to the topic or want to share your experience about this weapon, you can comment down below.

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