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Hello Everyone, in this guide, we will bring you a quick review of the unique weapon named Quartz. The Quartz is dual fire and considered a secondary weapon, added in the 25.4.0 update of the Warframe.

Grineer designs the Warframe Quartz, and it has some extraordinary electric power, which helps deal with both physical and electrical damage.

It has different firing modes such as automatic, semi-automatic, and a four-shot single burst. You can easily switch between shots using your alternative fire button.

The Hip fire is beneficial in dealing with a high-status chance, and the four-round burst mode helps deal with a perfect critical chance.

You can easily purchase the blueprint of Warframe Quartz from the market by exchanging 40,000 credits.

After crafting the weapon successfully, you will need to put forma in the weapon to create space for different mods required for your weapon.

Warframe Quartz Characteristics

Warframe Quartz Characteristics

  • It has an accuracy of 40, and it can easily hit enemies from low to mid-range.
  • It has a 13% chance to hit the critical per shot.
  • On Critical hits, there is 1.5x more damage than usual.
  • It has the capability of firing 15 projectiles per second.
  • It has a massive magazine of 72 shots.
  • It takes a reloading time of 2.7 seconds.
  • It has a 27% chance to proc status effects per shot.


  • It can initiate both physical and electrical damage.
  • It has different firing modes.
  • It has reloaded AOE crowd control.
  • Speedy firing rate
  • Massive magazine capacity
  • High-status chance
  • Moderate critical chance


  • Slow reloading speed
  • Low base damage
  • Bad ammo efficiency

Sample Builds

Experimenting with different builds helps check the strength of a weapon and unlock it to its full ability. While crafting Quartz, you must make sure that you must include Magnum Force; it is beneficial in increasing the weapon’s damage and allows you to kill higher-level enemies.

You can fill them with Hornet Strike, Lethal Torrent, and Barrel Diffusion for the rest of the slots. This combination makes the weapon very deadly. Because of its base electricity damage, it is straightforward for this weapon to combine it with other elemental modes.

Given Below, Some of The Samples Build:

1. The Burst Mode Build

The Burst Mode Build

The Burst Mode Build is the first build of the Warframe Quartz. You will have to manually shoot each burst shot in this mode, which fires four shots simultaneously.

This build is not recommended by most because it is very slow in killing a group of enemies. It is pretty helpful when you have a limited amount of ammunition, and it also deals with massive damage to the single targets.

2. The Auto-Fire Mode Build

The Auto-Fire Mode Build

The Auto-Fire Mode Build is considered the best mode. Before using this mod, you will have to use at least two +60% status chance mods and the Primed Hearts Charge to heavily increase the weapon’s damage output.

A massive number of ammunitions will be wasted in this build, so you must use Primed Quickdraw, which helps increase the reloading speed.

You can also use the Augur Pact to increase the overall damage of the weapon. If you expect a fight with a higher group of enemies, this build is best for you.

3. The Elemental Critical Build

The Elemental Critical Build

The Elemental Critical Build can deal significant critical damage as well as a high fire rate. This build will also cost you a lot of ammunition, and it ensures some critical hits while shooting your enemies.

Because of the electrical damage ability of Quartz, it is straightforward to add another elemental damage mod combination or a similar mod that has an additional elemental damage mod inside it.

This build is ideal with both the firing modes and it can be a very easily adjusted vehicle zooming toward the enemy or during the hip fire.

While targeting any specific enemy, it is recommended to use a single combination, or you can also add it with electricity base damage. It helps provide more damage output for the Quartz weapon.

4. The Status Build

The Status Build

The Status Build is mainly focused on dealing more damage through the status effect. It is considered the best elemental damage, and combining it with Quartz will easily create status effects on enemies. Using all four mods along with the Quartz increases the chance of getting the status effect.

The elemental damage is alone mighty, and it can kill all the enemies on its own. Still, those enemies who did not die in the first strike are subjected to status effects. It helps make them weak and causes them to die over time.

5. The Hybrid Build

The Hybrid Build

The Hybrid Build is a combination of both the Elemental critical build as well as the Status Build. It mainly focuses on dealing with severe critical damage as well as infecting enemies with the status effects.

Adding all the critical mods, the critical damage and chance are increased and allows many bullets to deal with critical hits.

You can use this build to make enemies week with the status effect’s help, and you can finally finish them with the critical damage.

Final Words

The Warframe Quartz is a small-looking weapon, but many best features are packed inside this small firearm. It has electricity damage as its base, which allows it to scale up with different modes quickly.

Talking about its firing modes, the automatic fire mode has a fast-firing rate, while the burst mode helps deal with any specific enemy. This weapon may look like a secondary weapon, but it can trounce higher-level enemies.

This is all about this topic, and I hope you will like this guide about Warframe Quartz. If you find this helpful guide, do not forget to share it once. If you have any queries regarding this topic, you can paste them in the comment section below.

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