Warframe - How to get Vauban (2021)

Vauban is considered one of the best Warframes, mainly used for its excellent crowd control abilities. It can distract all the enemies and stun them. Vauban is re-released in update 26 of the Warframe with some updated abilities.


He can deliver a vast number of damages. Vauban is also considered the easiest Warframe to farm for. Vauban does not require high resource requirements, and farming its blueprints is also a straightforward process.

In this guide, we will discuss Vauban and their abilities. We will also discuss how to obtain it and what are the right resources to farm for it.

How to Get Vauban

How to Get Vauban

To assemble the different parts of Vauban, firstly, you need to earn the Nightwave Credits. The primary blueprint of the Vauban can be bought from the in-game store in exchange for 35.000 credits.

It would then help if you bought all the Vauban parts blueprints, which costs 25 Nightwave Creds, each costing you a total of 75 creds. The Warframe takes three days to build altogether, and each component takes 12 hours.

To obtain Vauban, you do not have to fight any enemies, and you need a lot of Nightwave creds, which can be easily obtained by completing all the tier missions.

Farming the Right Resources

Farming the Right Resources

Vauban requires widespread resources just like the other Warframes such as Alloy Plate, Ferrite, Salvage. Alloy Plate can be easily found on planets like Venus, Sedna, etc. To find Ferrite, you must visit Earth, Mercury, or the Orokin Void.

Some of the unique resources like Rubedo, which can be found on Earth, the Polymer bundle, and the Plastids, are readily available throughout the star chart.

Some of the other resources to build Vauban:

1. Vauban Neuroptics

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Alloy Plate
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 500 Rubedo

2. Chassis

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Morphic
  • 1000 Ferrite
  • 300 Rubedo

3. Systems

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Morphic
  • 500 Salvage
  • 220 Plastids

After gathering all the required resources, you must go ahead and craft all three parts. After 72 hours, you will be able to use him.

Vauban Abilities

Vauban has some enormous capabilities to destroy enemies, and it can also lay mines with some special effects.

Let us discuss all the abilities in detail:

Tesla Nervous

Tesla Nervous enables Vauban neuroptics to release a roller drone toward the enemies, which attacks electrical damage.

The roller drone will also be capable of finding the nearby enemies. It is considered very useful for crowd control.

Tesla Nervous

This will result in electrocuting the enemies and make them unable to attack again.

Vauban also can release multiple roller drones, but it takes some time to recharge.


Minelayer is mainly useful in dealing with the damage and providing mobility for the squad. Vauban has the power to choose one from the four different mines named – Tether Coil, Flechette Orb, Vector Pad, or Overdriver.

  • Tether Coil – Tether Coil helps pull all the nearby enemies towards themselves and make them immobile.
  • Flechette Orb – Flechette Orb throws high-velocity nails in all different directions, which provide puncture damage to the nearby enemies.
  • Vector Pad – It is like a Pad, which grants a speed boost in whichever direction is placed. To receive a speed boost, players must be moved in the same direction as the Pad.
  • Overdriver – Overdriver will automatically latch upon the nearby enemies and damage them for a short interval of time.

All the different mines are very powerful and can deal heavy damage. Once they are thrown away, they are scattered in different rounds and directions. It will help deal with damage to the enemies of a particular area.


Photon Strike

Photon Strike can throw a targeting beacon, which marks the photon strike’s targeting location, and then it fires upon it. It can deal with massive damage in any area.

It will not only provide damage to the enemies, but it also knocks them out, which gives some extra time for another Photon Strike. You must make sure that you only use this ability for the betterment of your squad.

Photon Strike

It would help if you mainly used this ability to knock down all the enemies for better crowd control.


Bastille is a combination of two powers, which gives Vauban an ultimate ability. After deploying a Bastille, it will result in capturing all the nearby enemies. It can easily suspend many enemies out and strips her armor for a short period.


After the duration of Bastille expires, it is converted into a vortex in the center.

Final Words

Vauban is entertaining as he has different builds. It is also effortless to farm and craft all his parts. You must play Nughwave missions and collect all the credits required for unlocking different resources, which are very important to build Vauban neuroptics.

Vauban is mighty and can safeguard any position and takes the nemesis away from the critical areas. Also, it is outstanding in managing Crowd Control.

This is all about Vauban, and I hope that this guide will be useful for you. If you liked this tutorial about getting Vauban, then do not forget to share it once.

If you found any errors or irregularities in this guide, you can tell us directly by commenting below.

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