Best Opticor Builds of 2021

Opticor is a charge trigger type rifle that shoots out laser blast causing massive damage as well as an area blast. It deals heavy Puncture damage to the enemy, destroying their armor. The area blast provides an additional advantage that can be used in crowd control.

Like any other charge-type weapon, it is slow to reload and cannot be used very well if the enemy is very close to you or is fast-moving.

Opticor Builds

Opticor having very significant damage of 1000 and area damage of 400 can be used as a canon to clear out hordes of enemies from a distance. While the damage output is relatively high, Opticor suffers at a fire rate due to the charging process.

But this charging action has its benefit. You can cancel the charging by doing any action to avoid wastage of ammo. Let us take a look at Opticor in detail and discuss the popular mods and Opticor builds.

Advantages of Opticor:

  • Base damage is the highest among all the rifles.
  • Decent Critical multiplier, Status Chance and Critical Chance
  • High Puncture Damage – attacks the armor
  • 0m punch through
  • Very High Acuuracy
  • Additional 6m Magnetic damage on contact
  • Vapourises the killed enemy – good for stealth

Disadvantages of Opticor:

  • Lower Punch and Impact damage
  • Magnetic damage not effective against alloy armor
  • Charge time is very slow against agile enemies
  • Self-damage is also possible.
  • Autofires on charge – can fire without aiming properly

How to acquire Opticor?

You can get the primary blueprint of the Opticor by reseacrh from the Energy Lab in the dojo.

You will require 30000 credits, 5 Fieldron, 20 Gallium, 600 Cryotic, and 1 Forma to manufacture Opticor. The manufacturing process takes 24 hours in total and can be rushed by spending 35 Platinum.

For research in the energy lab you will require 10000 Credits, 10 Fieldron Sample, 500 Ferrite, 250 Plastids, and 1 Gallium. It takes 72 hours in total to complete. Also, Lanka is a pre-requisite to perform this action.

Top Opticor Builds in Warframe:

Opticor being quite a useful weapon can be used with several mod combinations. We will take a look at the mods which are best suited for creating Opticor builds.

Serration – You can use this mod and boost the AoE damage by up to 165% at the highest Rank. Heavy Calliber is the other option also but comes at price of accuracy.

Point Strike – Exploit the benefit of this mod for having a high Critical Chance which will deal devastating damage on a critical hit.

Vital Sense – You can increase the Critical damage itself by using this mod by upto +120%.In combination of Point Strike it can deal massive damage.

Firestorm, and Amalgam Furax Body Count cannot be used to increase the damage radius of the blast.

Opticor Damage Build

Opticor Damage Build

Many mods must require with Opticor, namely, Serration, Heavy Caliber, and Split Chamber. These mods are much required for increasing the ability strength and critical delay. Along with this, you can also take the Point Strike for boosting up the critical chances to 50% at least.

Though Opticor does not require many substantial mods still, if you take these mods along with you, then it will provide you a good backup.

Vigilante Armaments is another robust mod that you can use in this build to boost the damage output. You need much practice before entering this mod, but you can try to explore these mods and use them against your enemies.

Vile Acceleration is another mod that you can use to increase the fire rate. There are many potent weapons that you can pick in this build that will help you in fighting with the enemies.

Fast Firestorm Opticor Build

Fast Firestorm Opticor Build

Although the build is way too like the Opticor Damage Build still there are many such resources that you might not have noticed. This build uses the Firestorm mod that helps in boosting the blast radius of the Opticor that indirectly allows you to increase your Multishot.

Also, it will allow you to increase your fire rate, and if you combine this mod with the standard mods, then it will become a great combination that will be difficult to break.

Other mods that can be used in this build are the Vile Acceleration and Speed Trigger that will be helping you in increasing the fire rate. Also, if the mission is not very strong and rigid, then you might not even need to use these mods, but these mods are helpful in low-level as well as in high-level missions.


The builds that we have discussed are the most critical builds of Opticor, and one needs to understand them thoroughly. Then only will he be able to use the different mods in the build. The Vile Acceleration and Vigilante Armaments are the two go-to mods of these builds, and it would be better if you take some potent weapons with you to reduce the chances of failure.

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