Warframe: How to Get Protea Guide 2021

Portea was added in update 28 of the Warframe, also known as the Deadlock Protocol Update.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Portea as well as how to master her abilities. We will also discuss how to farm Portea Warframe parts.

Protea Warframe Abilities

Protea Warframe Abilities

Protea has many different abilities, such as Grenade Fan, Blaze Artillery, Dispensary, and Temporal Anchor. With every three abilities, she can use the fourth with a 100% ability strength. Protea is an ideal fit if you love to dash around the battlefield while managing resources.

1. Grenade Fan

The Grenade Fan is the first ability of Protea. It summons a Shrapnel Vortex, which on swirling generates constant slashing damage. You can also hold down the key for longer to change this ability to Shield Satellites. If your shield is broken by any chance, these powerful tech pieces sacrifice themselves and give you an invulnerability time of two more seconds.

2. Blaze Artillery

The Blaze Artillery is the second ability of Protea, which can deploy shivering plasma artillery which can automatically find enemies in 30m of range. Before doing any damage, the Blaze Artillery’s overall damage can jump up to 50% for a successful hit each time.

3. Dispensary

The Dispensary is helpful in unleashing a static device that generates three pickups in a short period. Those three pickups are empowered health orbs, universal ammo packs, and energy orbs. It would help if you kept the Dispensary rolling, and then your team must build small havens to regroup and return to the fight.

4. Temporal Anchor

The Temporal Anchor is the ultimate ability of Protea, which enables her to cast to a set rewind point after a duration of time. She can also return with her health, energy, and status effects. The Temporal Anchor can bring Protea back from her death, but she must cast the ability before dying.

How to Get All Blueprints for Portea Warframe

How to Get All Blueprints for Portea

The essential blueprint of Protea Warframe can be found by playing and finishing the questline missions first. This update is not very long and time taking.

You can also update your XORIS, which drops during the quest missions. It will mainly help you during the last fights. It would help if you reached a mastery rank four and must play with Vox Solaris Quest Line.

After successfully finishing the Deadlock Protocol Quest, you can get Protea Blueprint and start farming inside the Granum Void. Granum void is the exact place where you can find all the other parts of Protea:

  • Protea Neuroptics BP: Granum Void Normal Rank 3
  • Protea Chassis BP: Granum Void Extended Rank 3
  • Protea Systems BP: Granum Void Nightmare Rank 3

How To Farm Protea Warframe Parts?

How To Farm Protea Warframe Parts

After finding all the components of Protea from the Granum Void then you can start framing. Most of the other essential items required to frame Protea are easy to get if you have played the game for a few hours. Some of the shared resources like Salvage are easily found on Mars, Sedna, and Jupiter. The Alloy Plate can be easily found on Jupiter, Venus, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos.

Some of the unique resources which are rare to get are:

  • Cubic Diodes: They can be obtained in significant quantities by doing Empyrean missions, and on the mission, you must use Railjack and Archwings to defeat your enemies. The Cubic Diodes are also dropped from the Eximus units, mainly found on the planet Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Carbides: Carbides can also be found from the Empyrean missions. You can also get them from Exuimus units too, but you must kill the Grineer Shipyards, tileset enemies.
  • Copernics: It is entirely dependent on your luck. You can either get it from the Empyrean missions or kill Eximus units. The only planet where you can get this resource is Lua.

Protea Warframe

Protea Warframe Build Tips

Protea is such a powerful character because of her abilities and built-in passive Ability strength. If you want to lean into the casting or controlling sort of role, they can choose the Streamline as a perfect move.

Final Words

Farming Protea is not very hard, but you must make sure that you grind fast in-game. Completing the same missions, again and again, looks very frustrating, but they are essential to obtain the blueprint of Protea and all her valuable resources. Once you have all the materials, you can feel the happiness of getting a new frame.

This is all about this topic. I hope this guide will be helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding the topic or have anything you want to share with us, you can comment below. We will be delighted to read out your comments.

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