Chroma Build Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Chroma is unique in terms of Warframe. After the release of the career of Chroma in March 2015, it is used as the main tank in survival setups of different types.

Also, it is essential for the credit farm. Mainly, Chroma is widely used for Eidolon Hunt. However, it is no longer challenging for the current meta. The game is still a fun game to play, and they are a lot of skill set and abilities that need to have experimented.

Chroma Build GuideThe Different Builds

The game comes with different types of build, and you will need to figure out how you will face these missions to get through them and earn your reward. After the new release, Chroma mainly uses different types of builds in each mission to get a feel of different abilities, damages, power, healing, and a lot more things in one mission. This is the reason why a lot of players are putting a lot of effort into this game.

The main and the most critical build has changed so often that it will be difficult for you to find out which one is the perfect one for you. Also, it will be pretty tricky for you to choose the mods.

If you go with the Madurai variant, you can choose the Dead Eye or the Rifle Amp, or the Steel Charge. These will be beneficial for you to get through the mission while earning the rewards for yourself.

Naramon will give you access to Energy Siphon, Corrosive Projection, and Spring Boost. These will be viable for your favorite build. However, it is not easy as it looks. You will have to pick any of the mods according to the game level that you can play and the strategy that you will have to build before the start of the mission. Then you will be able to play according to the strategy, and then you can get through the mission while earning the rewards for yourself.

The Tank Build

The Tank Build Chroma

The main build of the Chroma is the tank build where you will get the Cold skills and the Ice shields to protect yourself along with the second ability of Elemental Ward. It will increase your survival chances to a great extent, and it will heal a lot of damage that will be done to you in the mission. Also, you will need more strength and energy, which is why the Ice shield is essential for you.

These skills will increase your survival chances for a long time. Also, they will increase your strength using the Vitality and the Hunter Adrenaline both as a combination. However, if you do not like the combination, you can switch from this combination to Steel Fiber and Armored Agility. Another important thing for you is that you can go with the Primed Flow if you want to go for the tanker.

Credit Farm Build

Credit Farm Build Chroma

This is an old school build compared to the tank build, but it will provide more chances to get through the mission if you know how to get through this build. You can use the ultimate skill of Effigy and increase your pick-up credits by 100%.

In this case, the enemies that you will kill will have chances to drop additional 60% credits to you. One thing that you can do is try to kill the enemies as close as possible so that you can earn more and more credit points.

The build is pretty good and straightforward, and it is easy to crack only if you know how to utilize your skills and where you must spend the energy. Once you are familiar with those, you will manage this build on your own, and you will earn the reward.

Eidolon Hunt Build

Eidolon Hunt Build Chroma

Also, you can make use of the Corrosive Projection and because of its benefit to the party. More so, vitality will be the right choice if you are looking to increase survival chances in the mods.

The Eidolon Hunt Build is the most popular because it can help you gather all Arcanes and increase the chances of your survival. The strategy to get through this build is that you will have to be a little tanky to get through this one while increasing your survival chances.

It will also protect you from Eidolon damage, and you will gain a lot of time and strength to keep the second and the third ability in a good position.

If you are good at using Sniper Rifle and facing the Dead Eye, then go ahead and kill that Eidolon as fast as you can because, in this case, the Corrosive Projection does not help that much. In this way, you will be able to get through the mission.

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