Ignis Wraith Builds Guide

The Ignis Wraith flame thrower is a combination of a lot of damage, healing, and an excellent survival rate. This is why it is one of the most famous missions. It offers very critical damage and a better status chance to survive against the group of enemies.

It also offers good strength and the ability to stand up to your enemies. You can also gear up to higher missions once you start playing with a flamethrower.

In this mission, it is elementary to get some weapons to kill the enemies. However, you will need to be very careful while killing the enemies because not only do you have to kill the enemies, but also, you will have to pay attention to every other thing, like the kind of weapon you are taking and how much the kill is contributing towards your rewards.

Once you get the Ignis Wraith, it will help you gain a lot of throughput in the game.

The Different Builds

Ignis Wraith Builds Guide

So, we have a lot of builds in the mission, and each one has its pros and cons according to the players playing the mission. Each one has got new set of challenges that you will have to face and get through the builds to complete the mission. These builds to deal with any damages, healing, strength, and ability of each player and test the player’s skills on every player’s level.

To get through the builds, you will have to learn some tricks also. You will have to make a clear strategy before running into the battle about the mission and how you should get through it. The most important thing is that you will need to know what strengths and weaknesses you have and how you should overcome them to help you get through the mission.

Each build usually starts with Serration, one of the best mods one can have in any mission. Another good point is that it is best for any rifle-type weapon, and it will be a scoring mission for you to earn the rewards. Also, you can include the Heavy Caliber to make sure that you increase your damage output. Thus, it will be beneficial for you in winning the game.

The Standard Build

The Standard Build Ignis Wraith

The Standard build is usually about the strength of each weapon. This is because the Ignis Wraith is all about critical damage and high critical chances, and it also uses the Vital sense and Point Strike.

Two different things are generally used to strengthen the power, and those are Thermite Round and Malignant Force. You can also use the flamethrower weapons to strengthen the status. It will increase the damages’ healing capacity, which will be a lot more beneficial to you.

The Critical Damage Build

The Critical Damage Build Ignis Wraith

If you think the extra mods are not providing you enough chances to get through the mission, this build is one of the best builds for you. It is too much smaller than the standard build, and hence it is pretty easy to get through this one. This build will provide a lot of healing to the damage capacity, and hence it will be helpful for you to be in this build as it will increase the Critical Delay also.

The mods that you can try are Bladed rounds and Argon Scope, and if you are good at aiming and shoots, it will probably be the best build for you.

The Status Chance Build

The Status Chance Build Ignis Wraith

This is one of the most challenging builds you will come across. This build will use all four types of mods: High Voltage, Thermite Rounds, Malignant Force, and Rime Rounds. These will be a great addition to the build for the players.

Now, there will be considerable challenges in getting through the mission and earning the rewards. Also, the build is more challenging than the standard build also so you will be getting many enemies to fight.

However, you can switch between the mods to increase your survival rate. Also, you can switch between the damage mods to create additional critical elemental damages. Hammer shot and Vile Acceleration will help you in getting through the mission with extra punches.

The Flamethrower Build

The Flamethrower Build Ignis Wraith

This build will provide you a great combination of Firestorm and Combustion beam. Not only this but also this build will provide you so many simple things to produce useful damage outputs.

This one is an easy-going build, so do not even try to bring High Armor or Shield enemies as they are of no use in this mission. This build can do some usual or regular damage. All you can do in this mission is to explore more enemies using the flamethrower.

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