Warframe Tombfinger Build Guide

The Tombfinger is considered one of the best KitGun in the game, and it is mainly used as a secondary weapon by most of the players.

The Tombfinger is capable of initiating Radiation as well as puncture damage. It can also guarantee Impact Damage Proc on every hit.

Tombfinger Build Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Warframe Tombfinger build along with its pros and cons.

We will also discuss its Standard build in detail. So, it is recommended to read the complete guide before building the Tombfinger.


  • 💰 Lazar has a cheap build set up for casual Tenno, but also an end game set up with prime mods and a riven for those looking for a more powerful option.
  • 💥 The gun has two damage instances – the projectile physically making contact with a target and the explosion, making it a versatile and deadly weapon in Warframe gameplay.
  • 💣 “If you’re going for a raw strength big bada boom damage approach for something like corrosive and heat secondary deadhead is definitely a good idea.”
  • 🎯 One shot, one kill – the Tombfinger secondary build is all about precision and power.
  • 💥 The Tombfinger Secondary Build offers a one-shot, one-kill playstyle with its explosive damage.
  • 💥 The Tombfinger one-shots like nobody’s business, with a sensational 55,000 slash from a single shot on the target.
  • 🔫 These are one shots by the raw damage alone. You don’t even get to see a proc slash proc you don’t get to see that you get to see some red numbers and then it vaporizes it’s that powerful of a weapon.
  • 🎮 If you don’t mind the sluggish play style, you’re gonna be loving your time with this weapon.



Tombfinger is a component of Kitgun’s chamber. It can be charged and then throws projectiles with a small explosion radius.

When used as a secondary weapon, it can deal with radiation damage and impact and puncture damage.

The Tombfinger works like a Rocket Launcher with the capability to fire small and precise projectiles. That is why Tombfinger is considered ideal for killing multiple enemies at once.

But it would help if you took care that the explosions are in a reverse cone shape, so it is recommended to aim for the enemy group’s last target.



  • It can innate radiation damage.
  • It can innate Puncture damage.
  • It guarantees Impact proc on every hit.
  • It has high accuracy.
  • No fall off damage




  • The projectile has a Reverse cone shape explosion.
  • The projectile takes time to travel.


Primary Weapon:

  • It has a disposition of 0.6.
  • It can use Rifle mods.
  • The Charge time can be affected by the Grips you choose, such as those grips with higher damage output will increase charge time, while the grips with lower damage will reduce the charge time.
  • The quick shorts have an explosion radius of 1.7 meters.
  • All explosion damage will inflict self-stagger.

Secondary Weapon:

  • It has a disposition of 0.7.
  • The projectile can explode in a radius of 1.9 meters and forms a reverse cone shape.
  • The impact and puncture damage is 19.5% of the radiation damage.
  • It has some projectile travel time, so it is less suitable for long-range

Warframe Tombfinger Build

While using the Tombfinger Kitgun, you are free to use which grips and loaders you would like to use along with the weapon. It is recommended to go for significant damage and critical build chance.

To get a high-status chance as well as a 100% critical chance, you must sacrifice your damage if you combine your Tombfinger chamber with a Haymaker grip along with a Splat loader.

If you are trying to build the Kitgun to acquire the maximum status chance, it decreases the damage output and makes the secondary way worse.

1. The Standard Hybrid Build

The Standard Hybrid Build

If you are willing to use the Tombfinger for a critical chance, then The Standard Hybrid Build is perfect for you. You must use Primed Target Cracker along with primed Pistol Gambit to get the most out of your stats.

To increase the status chance in this build, you must add two +60% status chance mods. It will increase the status chance upto 70%, which is more than enough for your needs.

It is recommended to choose the Corrosive or viral damage to kill the enemies faster. If you want to obtain higher tier cuts, you can use Hydraulic Crosshairs over Lethal Torrent.

There is nothing special about this build, and you can always make changes to your build with whatever you like.

Final Words

The Tombfinger is potentially very strong, but its explosion damage directed toward the first target makes the weapon not suitable for many players.

But, if you are using the Tombfinger, it is advised to aim at the enemy group’s last row to kill the mob without damaging yourselves.

If you are using a great build, you can also achieve a high-status chance and a 100% critical chance.

This is all about the Warframe Tombfinger Guide. We have discussed the Tombfinger along with its Standard Build. We hope that you find this article helpful.

If you think we have missed some critical points related to the topic, you can tell us by commenting below.

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