Warframe - Stradavar Prime Builds Guide  

After the introduction of Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime has been introduced to the game. It is an upgrade of its previous version. Stradavar Prime is a rifle that mainly deals in puncture and impact damage.

Stradavar Prime Builds Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Stradavar Prime along with its pros and cons. We will also discuss different Stradavar Prime builds. We hope that this guide will help you in building Stradavar Prime quickly.

Stradavar Prime

Stradavar Prime

The Stradavar Prime is the Prime variant of the weapon Stradavar. The weapon’s prime upgrade results in increasing accuracy, critical multiplier, magazine size, and damage.

The weapon can provide impact and puncture damage on its full auto mode. It has an enormous magazine size and an excellent ammo capacity which helps you against fighting large mobs of enemies.

You can quickly obtain this weapon by farming relics. If you are lucky enough, you will get Stradavar Prime very soon. The building process is not very hard, you must follow the guide, and you are good to go.



  • On Full auto mode, it has a very decent status chance.
  • It has a high slash and puncture damage.
  • It has a fast fire rate.
  • It has very high accuracy, even on hip fire.
  • On Semi-auto mode, it can innate one-meter punch through.
  • It has an excellent Critical Chance.


  • The semi-auto mode has meager impact damage, which is less effective against shields.
  • The semi-auto mode consumes two rounds per shot.

Different Stradavar Prime Build Guide

Before building any new Rifle, you must include Serration and Split Chamber mod because they can increase your weapon’s overall stats.

Vital Stats, along with Point Strike, is another best mod that helps provide good critical chances. This weapon allows switching from auto-fire mode to the single-shot mode with just a press of your mouse button.

The single-shot mode helps increase the damage output, but you must keep in mind that each shot takes two bullets, so you run out of your rounds very quickly.

1. The Standard Build

The Standard Build

The Standard Build helps combine some additional Critical damage with the other elemental mods.

For this build, Point Strike and Vital Sense are very helpful in increasing the weapon’s base damage. You can also use HEavy Caliber to deal with very high critical chances.

Shred helps switch to the secondary fire mode from time to time, or if you want to use the auto-fire, you can use Vile Acceleration.

You can also use two other elemental mods, which are considered very effective against strong enemies. If you want to add some slashing damage, you can use a fanged Fusillade.

It is advised to choose mods according to the enemies you are going to encounter. In that case, you will get benefited from different damage types. 

2. The Full Crit Build

The Full Crit Build

The Full Crit Build is used only if you do not want to use any elemental mods. In this mod, Vital Acceleration is considered a great addition if you do not need the punch.

Critical Delay will help you in obtaining a higher critical chance. Fanged Fusillade is another excellent addition that helps in getting procs.

If you want to increase the damage output, you can use Bladed Rounds. You must make sure that you are interested in aiming while using this mod. When you stop aiming, all the buffs will vanish, and you will not get any advantage from these mods.

3. The Rapid-Fire Build

The Rapid-Fire Build

The Rapid-Fire Build can kill a large mob of enemies and even take down assassination targets easily. Some mods such as Speed Trigger, Vile Acceleration, and Shred will increase the fire rate considerably.

You can use Point Strike and Vital Sense to increase the damage output and help kill high-tier enemies quickly.

You must make sure that you must reload the weapon before confronting any enemy. It is recommended to carry some extra ammunition as you will go through your ammunition fast.

Final Words

The Stradavar Prime is a powerful rifle and can kill large mobs of enemies. It consists of two fire modes, full auto, and semi-auto mode. There are different Stradavar Prime Builds, and you can choose anyone you are comfortable with.

You can also experiment and try out other casual mods according to your choice.

This is about this guide. We hope that you find this article helpful.

If you think we have missed some vital information about the topic or any queries regarding this topic, you can ask us by commenting below.

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