Inaros Builds – All You Need to Know

One of the Warframe released in 2016, The King of the Desert, has made its name very special in few unique ways. You can take it this way, Inaros does not have a shield of its own, but still, it survives the incoming attacks.

It can survive the incoming attacks because of its health. It also means that you will not get any over shield from Warframe like Volt or trinity. However, you can get the shield from Orokin Drones or the Shield Ospreys.

To deal with Inaros, you will have to be good with the first and second abilities to provide the Inaros an excellent and robust tank. The first and second abilities can also restore some life, preventing you from getting some regeneration.

However, in long missions, Vaykor Hex and Rejuvenation will be beneficial. So, to get through the mission, you will have to do a little bit of experiment with the build and the weapons.

The Different Builds

Inaros Builds Warframe

In the case of Inaros, the most important thing is that you will always be searching for extra health, which is an excellent point to use your rejuvenation to gain extra health. For this task, you can also use the Naramon polarity for the aura slot because it has some advantages over the Inaros.

For example, if you clash with the allies who are using the armor reduction aura, you can use the Corrosive Projection to work in the best way against the armor reduction aura.

Also, you need to keep in mind that depending on the build-in which you are playing, and you will have to pick the Energy Siphon if it is beneficial for the build. More so, you must be careful in using the Vitality in the builds because a maxed mod can raise the health pool to 4.620 points.

However, you will find that the second ability you have may not be that much use, but again, it will provide you with some health. But there is one thing that you must avoid is standing still as bad for the health.

The Tank Build

The Tank Build - Inaros

For surviving the tank build, a handsome number of mods will be required as it is one of the most challenging builds that you will have to survive. Vitality, Inaros, and Steel Fiber will be essential for you in surviving the tank build. More so, you will find the extra sprinting speed that is good for you to rush in the exilus slot. It also tries to use the Gladiator Aegis and the Gladiator Resolve mod to increase the armor and the health pool.

The Sandstorm Build

The Sandstorm Build - Inaros

Another significant build is the Sandstorm build, where you will have to deal with strong enemies. For facing the enemy clan, you can use Vitality, Steel Fiber, and another survival mode for regaining the health pool and potent weapons. You will also find one ability called Sandstorm that will be your third ability and beneficial for you in getting through this build.

Also, the Vitality and Steel Fiber will prevent you from damage, and they will be beneficial for you in the long run for survival. Also, there is one thing called Hunter Adrenaline that can be used for survival as well.

The Melee Tank Build

The Melee Tank Build - Inaros Build

If you are a fan of melee weapons, this build will help you get through the mission. This build is relatively like the regular tank build. Still, primarily, it uses the mods like Primed Flow and Hunter Adrenaline for gaining some extra energy that will be converted into more damage with your melee weapon.

However, this build has quite a low efficiency, and even if you gain a fair amount of energy, it does not cause any problem.

The Profit Taker Build

The Profit Taker Build - Inaros

So, this build is one of the most challenging builds, and it is highly specialized. In this build, it is relatively possible for you to again energy up to 8.000 health points. However, you will have to use all three Umbral mods in this build for survival.

If you think you can use the Inaros for a super HP build, then yes, you are right. You can go ahead with that, and you will certainly get good results from this.

You can also use the Rejuvenation and Corrosive Projection if you have the correct polarity in the aura; otherwise, you can drop them. This build is slightly challenging to tackle, but with the right set of weapons and mods, you will be able to do so.

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