Warframe - Profit Taker Phase 1, 2 & 3 Guide

The Profit Taker is one of the best three Orb Mothers available for the players to fight. To take down the Profit Taker Orb, you must complete four different missions. The Profit Taker is introduced in the 24.2 updates of the game and is considered very helpful if you want to raise your standing with Vox Solaris.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Profit Taker along with its different phases and missions. We will also discuss which Warframes and Weapons are best for each phase. We hope that this walkthrough of the Profit Taker guide will help you with the upcoming heists.

Profit Taker Warframe

Phase 1: Acquiring the Satellite Protocols

To complete this phase, you will need to follow the below steps:

Acquiring the Satellite Protocols

  1. Firstly, you must use your Archwing Launcher to fly to the cave. You must enter inside the cave and kill all the nearby enemies.
  2. Then, you must look for the dead body of Quill and search for any information and clues from there.
  3. You must use your fishing gear to catch fish until you find three clues. You must make sure that you kill all the spawned enemies after being told by the little duck.
  4. Now, you must get outside and find the camp and capture it.
  5. Then, you must find the drone and destroy it. It would help if you protected yourselves while killing all the nearby enemies.
  6. After finishing the mission, you must fly to the Little Duck, waiting outside the Fortuna entrance. Now, you will have access to Phase 2.

Best Warframes and Weapons for Phase 1

The enemies of phase 1 are callous, so to defeat them, you will need a good Warframe.

Some of the best Warframes for Phase 1 are:

  • Mesa: Mesa has the capability of bursting everything, only if you have a good build of her.
  • Nova: Nova is considered the best choice for Phase 1 because it enables teammates to fight with and for you.
  • Ember: Ember will help kill enemies while running, reducing all overtime required to complete the mission.
  • Saryn: Saryn has a unique ability called Regenerative Molt which can help you with your survivability.

Choosing the right weapons along with the Warframes is also very important. Some of the enemies have high amounts of shields and have nullifier bubbles. That is why choosing Amprex, or an Arca Plasmor is the perfect option.

Phase 2: Acquire the Profit-Takers harmonic schema.

Acquire the Profit-Takers harmonic schema

The second phase starts just after when you take the Little Duck outside the elevator.

To complete this phase, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, you must infiltrate the Enrichment labs and kill all three directors. There is a time limit, so you must follow the red markers to do it quickly.
  2. Then, you must head outside the quest marker and kill the two Ambulas. Now, you must get away from there quickly.
  3. Now, you must reach the building and fly back to Fortuna after grabbing the data.

Best Warframes and Weapons for Phase 2

This phase is mainly focused on dealing with significant damage and killing enemies quickly.

Some of the best Warframes for Phase 2 are:

  • Mesa: Mesa is one of the best Warframes which can be used for Phase 2 missions.
  • Tigris Prime: You can use this because of its high damage-dealing capabilities.

Phase 3: Steal a Gravimag

Steal a Gravimag

To complete this phase, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, you must take the elevator to get to the Orb Vallis.
  2. Then, it would help if you infiltrated the enrichment labs. For doing that, you must go near the quest marker and use the vent. You do not have to break the vent. Activate it once.
  3. Then, you must jump down and hack the consoles and reboot the antenna relay. There are two antennas, one is inside the lab, and the other is outside. There is a time gap of 45 seconds between activating the antennas.
  4. After doing that, the Profit Taker will automatically move down from the current position and start attacking you. Now, you must shoot at it until you have gathered enough data. Now, you are entirely ready to head for the final phase.

Best Warframes and Weapons for Phase 3

Choosing the best Warframes is quite tricky in this phase. You can use Vectis Prime because of its high puncture and good impact damage or Akstiletto Prime because of its high impact damage.

It is recommended to use any weapon which has a full status build.

Phase 4: Profit Taker Fight

In this phase, you will have to head out and kill the Profit-Taker Orb and return to Fortuna. It might sound effortless, but it is one of the most challenging final boss fights in the game.

To defeat the final boss, you will need ample preparation and a complete understanding of different phases.

Final Words

The Profit Taker phase is enjoyable to play, and it has unique phases and challenges. There are also enjoyable rewards if you complete the mission successfully.

This is all about this topic. I hope you find this article helpful and we will be delighted if you share it once.

If you have any queries regarding this guide, then feel free to ask us by commenting down below.

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