Rhino Builds Guide – Everything You Need to Know

One of the most popular builds in the Warframe is none other than the Rhino Build. If you wonder why it is one of the most popular builds, then there is the answer. The Rhino Build comes equipped with an impressive skill set and ability, strength, and incredible healing to the player’s damage. It is, however, a bit difficult to fight against the enemies in this build because it is usually for the higher level of players.

Rhino Builds Guide

Another essential thing that we want you to note down is that the survival of a player in this mission is almost next to impossible if he does not know the tricks to get through the build. For getting through this Rhino build mission, one must be strong enough with the energy pool so that you can fight with your enemies and at the same tie defend yourself from the enemies too.


  • 🦏 This Rhino build offers flexibility and versatility, making it a comfortable and effective way to play Warframe.
  • 🦏 Roar is a universal damage multiplier that affects everything from Warframe abilities to weapons, even increasing the damage of allies and NPCs.
  • 🛡️ Rhino’s iron skin grants status immunity and adds another layer of health on top of shields, making him a formidable tank in the game.
  • 🛡️ The use of specific archon shards in the Rhino build provides armor benefits and increases corrosive stacks, making it effective against high-level enemy units.
  • 🎮 The Universal Rhino build allows for crowd control and buffing teammates in Elite Sanu Onslaught, making it a comfortable way to play Rhino.
  • 🦏 Nourish Roar can reach 233% without being fully buffed, making it a flexible and powerful ability for Rhino players.
  • 🔧 The build focuses on maximizing crit chance and damage for a comfortable way to play Rhino.
  • 🎮 The video offers valuable Warframe content and tips for players.

Abilities of Rhino

Rhino’s unique abilities, namely, Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Roar, and Rhino Stomp. These abilities make Rhino one of the deadliest Warframe. One should know each ability so that one can chase your enemies.

  1. Rhino Charge – This Rhino buildability can charge towards a target and clobber any that will cross its path.
  2. Iron Skin – This unique Rhino buildability can convert its skin into a rigid shield that will protect it from external damage.
  3. Roar – This ability can provide increased damage for a short while to its nearby warframes.
  4. Rhino Stomp – It can disrupt time and can tumble enemies that are around it in Stasis.

It has a valuable and versatile set of skills required for each player in this mission. Corrosive Projection, Pistol Amp will help you in surviving. However, it would help if you had good agility, an energy pool, and a lot of damage dealing capacity.

Full Tank Build

Rhino Builds Guide- Full Tank Build

For the Rhino build, your second ability is called the Iron Skin, which gives you an enormous amount of energy and acts as a shield when many enemies attack you. It is not possible to explain how to use it as it is simple and to the point.

You must move straight and keep looking at the bottom to check your energy level. Once you see it is getting down, then fill it up using the energy siphon.

The build is solid in all the missions, and there are pretty good chances that you will find this in many other missions. You can also take a chance to switch the mods if you think this is getting tougher for you.

In this build, you will not need the Primed Continuity or the Vitality, Equilibrium, and Redirection as they are useless in this hardcore mission. However, you may choose to switch the mods if you feel it is getting difficult for you.

Buffer Rhino Build

Rhino Builds Guide - Buffer Rhino Build

Another famous build is none other than the Buffer Rhino Build. This build is specifically for the farming groups, and it has one useful purpose for the players. You can take advantage of many different abilities if you use them in the right way. There is one called Roar ability that amplifies the damage output of each player if they are in the range during the roar.

Also, you can use the Crowd Control option with the help of your unique Rhino ability and go for Overextended or the Blind Range as per your need. This build is easy if you are patient enough to learn and to apply these findings in the mission. However, it is undoubtedly recommended to gain some ability range. This range will help you in surviving the mission if you could use it in the right direction.

Buffer Stomp Damage Build

Rhino Builds Guide - Buffer Stomp Rhino Build

Another build in this mission is the Buffer Stomp Damage Build. Compared to other Warframes, the damage output of previous builds is relatively low, and to overcome this. We choose the Buffer Stomp Damage Build that provides you extra dealing damage and good healing power to protect yourself from the enemies.

If you want to check out other ability strengths, you can switch to other mods that will provide you some. These other mods are Cunning Drift or the Streamline, which will provide you with extra strength to fight the mission.


In this article, we have discussed a variety of builds that Rhino has to offer. However, in time, you will face some challenges as this build is tough to survive, but if you are equipped with the necessary projections and pools, it will be an easy one for you.

In Rhino build, the most important thing is none other than the energy pool and the energy siphon so that you are always full of energy.

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