A Guide to Garuda Warframe Builds

Inspired by the legendry bird of Hindu Mythology, Garuda is the 37th Warframe released in 2018. She is equipped with tank-like armor, which is accompanied by decent health, shield, and energy.

The crimson Garuda unleashes fury on the enemies, killing them and drawing strength and vitality from their blood. Garuda wields Nagantaka, a crossbow, as her signature weapon.

The name Nagantaka seems to inspire by Hindu Mythology as well. She does not have any separate melee weapon as she wields her claw-shaped one.

Garuda Warframe Builds

The dealer of death, the blood-thirsty Garuda Warframe combined with her abilities is a nightmare for her enemies. She is suited for any mission level due to her very high armor, good energy pool, support capability of healing the allies, decent damage output, and of course, the melee weapon she wields. Let us take a look at Garuda Warframe in detail and discuss her abilities and top Garuda Builds.


  • 🩸 Garuda Prime offers a variety of different builds and play styles, making her a versatile and interesting Warframe to explore.
  • πŸŒͺ️ Combining Garuda’s abilities creates an infinitely repeating slash tick that bypasses enemy armor and continuously increases its own damage.
  • πŸ”₯ Using the augment blood forge can bolster Garuda Prime’s abilities even further, making her a force to be reckoned with on the Steel Path.
  • πŸ”₯ This is easily one of the highest KPM builds in the entire game, running around with essentially infinite nuke weapon that doesn’t need to reload.
  • βš”οΈ Blending talents provides us with a really high increase to our slash ticks and a really easy way to Shield gate.
  • πŸ”₯ Tagging enemies with Garuda’s 4 while Nourish is active actually procs them with Slash and viral, creating one of the most broken synergies.

How to acquire Garuda?

You will have to complete the quest Vox Solaris to get the primary blueprint. She is one of those Warframes whose components blueprints can only be obtained through bounties. In this case, the Orb Vallis Bounties.

Abilities of Garuda:

  1. Dread Mirror – Garuda rips out the life force from an enemy killing a significantly weakened enemy in a flash. She can wield this life force as a shield to capture damages and then channelizes it towards the enemy as an explosive projectile.
  2. Blood Altar – Garuda stabs her enemies using her fierce talons, siphoning health for both herself and her allies.
  3. Bloodletting – It is a unique ability using which she can sacrifice her health to regenerate energy.
  4. Seeking Talons – Garuda can charge her talons to expand the target area and then unleashes her paws towards the enemies. The sharp nails keep piercing the enemy’s soul and devastate them. Those who do not die instantly bleed till death.

Garuda Builds:

Let us talk about popular Garuda builds. As Garuda is not deficient in any key parameters, it becomes easier to power her and use her abilities to the fullest. In this guide, we will be discussing the various builds of Garuda and how we can use them.

Dread Ward Build

Dread Ward Build

The first and the foremost Garuda Build that we will be discussing is the Dread Ward Build. This build allows us to use Garuda’s Passive that provides us a ten-second gap for immortality. This build is viable for the higher level of enemies. In this build, the safest mod that you can try is Quick Thinking for surviving the one-shots.

Along with this, the Dread Ward Build also protects the lethal damage. It can also take precedence over the Quick Thinking mod whenever needed. It will provide you the Dread Mirror Shield for surviving when needed and prevents you from spamming.

Also, low efficiency does not provide any impact on the gameplay, and that is why this build is relatively easier to get through. The different mods that can be used here are the Corrosive Projection and the Primed Flow.

The Corrosive projection helps you in reducing the Armor, and the Primed Flow will be helping you in increasing the energy max. Other than these two mods, Blind Range and Narrow Minded mods can also be sued in order to provide ability and efficiency.

Garuda General Use Build

Garuda General Use Build

Garuda General Use Build

The next build that we will be discussing is the Garuda General Use Build. In this build, the Garuda is intended to be the setup for any mission. This build allows you to use each of Garuda’s abilities to conquer the enemy.

If you are using the Magus Elevate, then there is no need to use the Blood Altar. You can use any one of them at a time. You can also regain your health using the Blood Altar later. Another mod that can be helpful for you is the Quick Thinking as it will allow you to stay safe at 2 HP.

Along with this, you can also use the Brief Respite that will be providing you activated over shields and ability casts. The primed sure-footed will be providing you maximum chances of resisting knockdowns.

Another mod that will be easier for you to be used is the Stretch mod that will provide you good ability range and ability efficiency. Streamline is one of the most essential mod in this build as it will be providing you an excellent ability efficiency.


In this guide, we discussed the two most essential builds of Garuda and how we will be using the mods in these builds. With the Streamline, the ability efficiency increases up to 30% maximum, and the Quick Thinking allows for draining the lethal damage level that allows the player to survive more. The Umbral Intensify also provides ability strength and Tau Resistance.

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