Warframe - Rhino Guide

Rhino is one of the most classic Warframes, which can be obtained by defeating Jackal.

Rhino’s crafting process is straightforward, and you can find all the essential resources on the first few planets.

Rhino Guide

In this guide, we will discuss How to get Rhino Warframe in detail. This guide will help you in obtaining Rhino quickly.


  • 🎮 Rhino is one of the best early game frames in Warframe, allowing players to survive anything the game throws at them.
  • 💥 The Jackal boss fight consists of two phases which will take place in two different rooms, adding an extra layer of challenge to the battle.
  • 🔴 The electric walls will hurt you and you’ll have to try to avoid those and try and avoid standing with your back to them.
  • 🎮 The drop rates for Rhino’s blueprint pieces in Warframe can make it a challenge to obtain all three pieces.
  • 🎮 I would recommend doing this Farm in an open party or Squad so you have more people to do it with.
  • 🔍 Crafting Rhino in Warframe requires finding and crafting all the Rhino pieces, including the Rhino chassis, systems, and neuroptics.
  • 🔧 The mods used for Rhino include redirection for shield capacity and Vitality for more health, providing extra survivability.
  • 🎮 The recommendation to use the suggested build if struggling on the Jackal boss in Warframe sparks debate on the effectiveness of beginner builds in the game.



Rhino is a heavily armored Warframe that is very famous because of its massive strength. Rhino is mainly used as a tank Warframe and fills the tank role in a cell.

Rhino is very useful for progressing through the star chart and is mainly used by all the new players because of his tackiness.

The primary blueprint of Rhino can be purchased from the in-game stores in exchange for 35,000 Credits. All the other essential resources can be obtained by defeating Jackal.

How to Get Rhino Warframe?

How to Get Rhino Warframe

To start the fight, you must first find the Corpus Boss on Fossa and Venus. After reaching there, the fight will start. There is short cinematics for the entrance of Jackal, and after that, you are ready to fight.

The fight is straightforward, you just must hit Jackal’s leg until it breaks down, and then you must destroy his damage cap, which is located on his head.

You must do this in a sequence such as shooting the leg and hitting his head and repeat this process until he is down.

Then, you must kill the Mine Ospreys, which spawn in the middle of the fight, and drop mines on the battlefield.

After killing Jackal, you must head towards the exit. It would help if you ignored all the other things which are in your way. You will be awarded one Rhino Part Blueprint.

Once you have farmed all the three blueprints and purchased the primary blueprint, you will have to craft the parts and then the Warframe itself.

All its parts are available on different planets and take a time of 12 hours to build. Now, the Warframe requires three parts and a time of 3 days to build the Rhino Warframe. If you have 105,000 credits, you can purchase the entire build at once.

Best Warframes to Beat Jackal

During this fight, most of the players are beginners to this game. So, it isn’t very clear for them to pick up the right Warframe for this mission.

Some of the best Warframes for this fight are:

Invisibility Warframe

Invisibility Warframe

Some of the Invisibility Warframes, such as Loki, Ivara, or Ash, are considered excellent choices when you must run through the map by ignoring all the corpus units. You can use their invisibility power for shooting at Jackal’s leg without worrying about any of his attacks.

Tanky Warframes

Tanky Warframes

Some of the best Tanky Warframes for this fight are Chroma or Inaros. They are very helpful in facing all the incoming damage and can take down the Jackal very easily. You must make sure that your armor health must be filled before entering the fight.

Area of Effect Damage Warframe

Area of Effect Damage Warframe

Volt or Ember are considered one of the best Warframes for AoE Damage. They can easily defeat the Jackal and can also damage the Ospreys using their ultimate ability.

Best Weapon to Beat Jackal

You can choose any of your favorite weapons for this mission that can deal reasonable amounts of damage and has a reasonable fire rate.

You can also choose Sniper to maximize the chances of hitting Jackal’s leg from far away.

If you are playing with your teammates, you do not have to rush into him to shoot to his head. Your teammates can do this task, and you must focus on destroying his legs.

Final Words

Rhino is a fantastic Warframe and can mainly be used during the early stages of the game.

It is straightforward to obtain and craft Rhino, you must defeat Jackal for obtaining all the essential crafting part blueprints, and then you are good to go.

This is all for this guide about how to get Rhino Warframe. We hope that you find this helpful guide.

If you think we have missed some vital information related to Rhino’s building process, you can tell us by commenting below.

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