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 The Amprex Build Guide – Warframe

 The Amprex Build Guide

Amprex is one of the most popular Weapons in the Warframe, and it is relatively famous among the players. For getting an Amprex for yourself, all you need to do is to join any clan and, before joining, do proper research about the clan and then purchase a blueprint from the energy lab. For this, another thing that you will have to be sure of is that you are good at playing and you are at least on level 10.

Amprex Build Guide

For getting an Amprex, you will have to be sure of dealing with a significant amount of damage and destruction. Also, Amprex is not comfortable using Weapon. It is generally used by experienced players, and that is why it is said that you must be at level ten or above so that you can use this Weapon. Once you get familiar with the level, it will be easier for you to get the required Weapon.

The Different Amprex Builds

As you might know that Amprex is a complicated weapon to be used by beginners, but it is easy to be built. As to build Amprex, the same foundation is required for each build. The foundations that are needed are Point Strike, Heavy Caliber, Vital Sense, Split Chamber, and Serration.

These will be required for the foundation to get the Amprex. However, if you are lucky, then it is possible that you may find Riven Mod. The two main builds that we will discuss are Standard Amprex Builds and Long-Range Build.

Standard Amprex Build

The Standard Amprex Build is not an exciting build, but it is relatively healthy in each mission. The Shred will help in killing large groups of enemies at once, and the elemental mods will be helping in increasing the status chance.

By any chance, if you got Vitality, then you will increase your survival chances. For this build, the most essential task is to kill the enemies with your bolts.

Slash Damage Build

So, getting an Amprex is easy if you are a good and experienced player. Beginners can also use it, but they will face many challenges in getting the Amprex. There is one more thing that you will be needed to take care, and that is you can use the Heavy Caliber also in the mission as the negative accuracy has little effect on the damage output. However, if your range is low, then we will suggest you move into the enemy groups.

Long Range Build

Another build is the Long-Range build that seems exciting and challenging, but with enough knowledge, you will be able to get through that. However, this build pretty much goes with the more extended range as the enemies are far enough and difficult to track for killing.

This is why it has been named the Long-Range build. However, the combination of Sinister Reach and Combustion beam will make it easier for you to get through the build and kill the enemies.

Long Range Build

As you might have heard that the Sinister Reach mainly affects the beam range, it will be helpful for you to kill the large group of enemies. Along with the Sinister Reach, the Combustion beam is often used to ensure more killings.

This build is fun to explore rather than the Standard build as it has got many things that can be experienced. This build is also good for the Warframes that exist with low shields and less health pool. There are no chances of increasing your health, and that is another fun part of surviving. You can also reduce the armor and the amount of damage that has been done to you in this build.

Slash Damage Build

Another build is the Slash damage build that is very important for the Amprex. Mainly, this build uses multi-shot and has a nice amount of increasing status chance. The multi shots can be used along with the Vigilante Armaments and the Split Chamber that helps in increasing the status chances. Another mod, the Hunter Munitions, allows dealing with a significant amount of damage.

It also helps in creating more destruction and providing more damage to the enemies. This will be helpful in spreading the corrosive damage to the enemies and increasing the chances of their killings.

Standard Amprex Build

However, for the Amprex, high armor and the shields usually create more problems. You can take help from different mods that will be helping you in getting through the mission and get you the Amprex.


In this guide, we discussed how we can get the Amprex and what are the steps that we will be needed to follow. We also discussed what the essential builds for the Amprex are and how they contribute to getting the Amprex. Though Amprex is challenging to use weapon but getting it is straightforward.

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