Akbolto Prime Build Guide 2021

Warframe always adds new guns in every update. This time a secondary and a fantastic pair of pistols named Akbolto Prime is added.

The Akbolto Prime is considered the prime variant of Akbolto, and it will retain most of its statistics and some changed ones.

This article will discuss the all-new secondary weapon named Akbolto Prime along with all its builds in detail. We will try to solve your queries regarding this new secondary weapon.

What is Akbolto Prime?

Akbolto Prime Build Guide

Akbolto Prime, also known as the prime version of Akbolto, is a pair of pistols used as a secondary weapon.

The AKbolto prime pistol has the highest chance as compared to all other pistols in the game.

It is a super-strong weapon, but it does not have rapid-fire mode. You will have to click for every shot. This weapon is considered best for fighting higher-level enemies.

Akbolto Prime Characteristics

  • It has an accuracy of 26.7.
  • It has a 36% chance to hit a critical per shot, while in the case of Akbolto, it is only 16%
  • The Akbolto Prime shot deals 2.8 times more damage on critical hits.
  • It has a fire rate of 7 projectiles per second.
  • It has a magazine capacity of 40 shots.
  • It takes 1.3 seconds to reload a new magazine.


  • Good, reload speed.
  • More ammo capacity than the non-prime version
  • High critical chance
  • High fire rate
  • For Polarities


  • Low slash damage
  • Projectile time travel is high.
  • Requires master rank 13 to unlock.

Different builds of Akbolto Prime

Some of the different Warframe Akbolto Build are mentioned below:

1. Critical Build

Critical Build

  • In this Warframe, Akbolto Build, hornet strike, and auger pact are used to increase building damage.
  • Barrel Diffusion and Lethal torrents are also added in the build to increase the fire rate.
  • Primed Target Cracker is added for increasing the critical damage hit.

There are two elemental mods available in this build, making sure that mods deal extra damage against enemies.

This build mainly uses a high critical chance of weapon and their mod so that it can assure critical damage and even more due to the multishot mods.

Akbolto Prime Critical Build

The two elemental damage mods will help in benefiting the weapon when targeting enemies.

2. Headshot Build

Headshot Build

The Headshot Build is quite like the Critical Build, but the Augur pact of the previous build is replaced with Hydraulic Crosshairs, assuring you that there is a critical chance after dealing with a headshot.

The Headshot Build also ensures that there is an increase in the base damage of the Augur Pact. There is also a chance to do higher-tier critical hits from yellow to orange critical damage.

3. Status Build

Status Build

The status build is mainly used to retain the Hornet Strike, Lethal torrent, Barrel Diffusion, etc., replacing four elemental damage and status mods. The status build is also used to increase the overall damage and the multishot and fire rate increase.

The status build has four elemental damage and consists of status mods to build up damage with an increase in status chance.

The Status build can give a higher chance to proc status effects and damage and weaken the enemies over time.

You can also use the four elements in a rearranged order to change the combination of elements.

4. Hybrid Build

Hybrid Build

This Warframe Akbolto Build is a mixture of both the Critical Build and Status Build. The Hybrid Build is made up using Hornet Strike and Augur pact, increasing the effective damage.

The Hybrid Build consists of a Barrel Diffusion and Lethal torrent, which helps multishot and increases the elemental damage. The Prime Pistol Gambit will help increase the critical chance to more than 100%. To make a build hybrid, you will have to add 60% status chance mods of your choice.

If you want to change your build, you must either cut down Lethal Torrent or Magnum Force and try others like Bore and New Return. You can also use Hydraulic Crosshairs for the extra critical chance.

5. The Fire Rate Build

The Fire Rate Build

The Fire Rate Build is quite like the standard version, but instead of using two elemental mods, we will be using Anemic Agility and Gunslinger to obtain a very high very rate.

But this Warframe Akbolto Build is considered weaker than the standard version. To obtain more fire rates, you will have to complete all the assassination targets. It can also be used to destroy the mob by shooting a lot of projectiles into the group.

Final Words

The Akbolto Prime is a very deadly weapon and considered perfect for a secondary gun.

It has the lightest critical chance stats in the game. That is why it is straightforward to obtain 100% critical damage with this weapon.

It ultimately depends upon the user which build he wants to use. The outcome is always to deal damage because of its stats. You can also try to develop and make your build.

This is all about Akbolto Prime, and I hope that you liked this article. If you have any queries regarding this topic or have anything to share with us, you can do it by leaving a comment down below.

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