Valkyr Prime Builds Guide – Everything You Need to Know  

One of the oldest Warframe in the game is the female Valkyr and its Prime version, and it was released shortly after the open beta launch in the year 2013. Valkyr has some interesting facts that are known to many of its regular players.

One of its most famous qualities is its fascinating lore. The other one is that it features a broad range of fast and furious melee attacks. You might have heard about the range of Valkyr and how it has an excellent deal for damage.

Valkyr Prime Builds Guide

More so, it has another fantastic ability to show off. That is its recovery speed that is relatively fast than other mods. If you are a good player and know how to use the Valkyr, you must know that if you use the Valkyr correctly, you can become an invincible warrior of the Warframe. However, it is not so great with the high damage attacks, but once you combine it with the knockdowns, you can be invincible if you know how to use it.


  • 💪 Valkyr’s simplistic playstyle and high base damage exalted weapon make it possible to shred most things on the star chart, making it a good choice for new players.
  • 🛠️ Advanced guides are designed to take existing knowledge to the next level and encourage personal growth and research for the betterment of gameplay.
  • 🗡️ With the right amount of power strength, Valkyr’s survivability is raised to the point where she can be practically unkillable, creating an interesting and potentially controversial gameplay dynamic.
  • 💪 Utilizing power strength can up the potency of any weapon when paired with Valkyr’s abilities, making her a versatile and powerful choice for players.
  • 🩸 The mod Healing Return is highly recommended for regenerating health while using the Eternal War build, making it a powerful combination for dealing a lot of damage.
  • 🎮 The dynamicism of a war-cry build allows for more adaptational and personal preference, unlike the flat and two-dimensional playstyle of hysteria.
  • 🔥 The pinnacle of modding depth and complexity when it comes to Valkyr is the war-cry hysteria build.
  • 🎮 She encourages players to innovate and create their own playstyles in Warframe, rather than just following someone else’s build.

Valkyr Abilities

The first and foremost thing that we would like to mention here is that the Valkyr is a melee Warframe.  It has its own set of melee weapons and the skill set that supports it is vast and broad in every manner. You cannot compare this with any random skillset that you might find in the mission. There are various reasons why we do not use many popular and potent weapons with this build because this one is melee.

  1. Rip Line – With the help of this ability, you can hit an enemy and pull it towards you, and if you hit any terrain, you can pull yourself towards the hook’s location.
  2. Warcry – This unique Valkyr ability will help increase your team’s strength and decrease the enemy’s strength.
  3. Paralysis – It can unleash its shield and provide more damage to the enemies.
  4. Hysteria – This ability will turn Valkyr into a ball of vicious rage, and it can unleash a torrent of deadly claw attacks on the enemies.

More so, once you get along with it, then you will find out that using melee weapons is damn easy. You can quickly get through the mission if you know how to use the right set of weapons against the enemies. All those weapons that you generally use in every other build might not be that useful in this one because this one has its own set of skills, ability, strength, and efficiency.

The Talons Build

The Talons Build

A good weapon of Valkyr is the Talon, and it is a short-range weapon. It is generally used in killing those enemies that are near to us. Also, it provides excellent and critical damage, and it has got a lot of strength too. If you want to go for an attack on enemies standing far away from you, it might not be the best choice to use the same weapon.

Also, since this Valkyr Prime build you will be using short-range weapons, you might not get to use the Primed Reach or the standard version. You can focus on the attack and get through the mission while earning the rewards. Also, make sure to change the elemental damage types to avoid getting stuck on one type and lose the chance to survive and lose the mission.

The Hysteria Build

The Hysteria Build

This Valkyr Prime build is undoubtedly one of the most standard builds of Valkyr that many players use. It has a different skill set required to be fulfilled by each player even if you are playing in a team. It mainly focuses on increasing your abilities and capabilities and using them against your enemies to win the mission and survive until the end.

Also, you can use the Primed continuity in this build as it will increase the duration of your second ability. Also, it will reduce the amount of energy that is drained during the activation of Hysteria. You can also use the mod Narrow Minded. However, it decreases your ability, but it increases the chances of your survivability, and thus, it is wise to use that mod also in this build to earn the rewards.

The Speed Valkyr Build

The Speed Valkyr Build

So, this Valkyr Prime build is the toughest among them all but easy enough if you know the tricks and the right set of skills needed to get through the build. You might want to increase the running speed, and for this, you can use this Speed build for the Valkyr as it is the most beneficial build for this purpose. You can also use the Rush and the Armor agility because they will provide you good healing from the critical damages.


This article learned about different Valkyr Prime builds and how you can use the augmented mod Eternal War to be handy in this build because the skillset is perfectly matched with the Valkyr Prime Builds.

The Talons build somehow easy to get through if you know how to use the right set of weapons against them. But if you choose the wrong ones, then it just gets more challenging.

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