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Inspired by the word lightning, Fulmin is the signature weapon of the Wisp Warframe. It is useful in both close and long-range and comes with twin firing modes for both.

In the semi-auto mode, it fires silently, an electric pulse, but in the auto mode, it fires a rapid lightning stream.

When being used by Wisp, it becomes more agile, and switching it to alternate fire mode takes lesser time due to the reduced animation period.

Flumin works better when used in the alternate fire mode, i.e., in the auto mode. It is because of the suppresser, which is removed and placed in the side, providing a better grip. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Flumin cannot be used in shotgun-only sorties. It is because, in sorties, it works as a standard automatic rifle only.


  • 🔋 The Fulmin has infinite ammo and no downsides, making it a great weapon choice in Warframe.
  • 🔫 We’re using a relatively more achievable build, so let’s take the Bane mod off and let’s provision any elements in there.
  • 🔥 The weapon can easily carry you into the late game, even against level 170 heavy gunners.
  • 🔫 The Fulmin is a great weapon for higher levels and won’t struggle, but it’s better to use the assault rifle over the shotgun.

How to acquire Flumin?

Fulmin Builds

Blueprints of Flumin can be simply purchased from the market.

How good is Flumin?

Before we can look at different Flumin builds, it is essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. All the builds are created by selecting the right mods to enhance the weapon’s strength and compensate for the weakness.


  • As it shoots out an electric pulse, it is well suited for mechanized enemies.
  • It possesses a very high critical chance in both modes.
  • In short-range it has a good status chance and works silently as well.
  • It has very high accuracy.
  • Ammo regenerates over time so, there is no use for ammo picking.
  • It also has a decent punch through which makes it more effective in short range.


  • Less status chance in auto mode.
  • Reload speed also gets considerably slow in the auto mode.
  • Range becomes an issue in the semi-auto mode.
  • The electric pulse is not effective against alloy armor.
  • Suffers a linear damage reduction by two thirds in between 10 to 20 m

Fulmin Builds:

Fulmin is a versatile weapon in terms of its range and firing modes. Although it has some flaws using the right mods, we can create some effective Fulmin builds, each specialized for different missions.

Fulmin – Hybrid Build

Fulmin – Hybrid Build

Fulmin – Hybrid Build

The Hybrid build revolves around good critical chance and damage, and so you should use the Hunter Munition and High Voltage mods so that you can get the higher status chance. The Hammer shot and Hellfire is the two essential mods that will be giving you reasonable control over the heat and status damage. Along with the status chance and heat energy, these mods will also provide you good high output damage.

Heavy Caliber and Split Chamber can also be used in the build, but they are not necessary. However, if you think that these mods will help you in supporting you in the mission, then you can go for them. Otherwise, they are not needed for getting through the mission.

The Vital Sense and Primed shred mods also are equally important, and along with these mods, you can also go for the Point strike for boosting the Critical Damage.

The Hunter Munition Build

The Hunter Munition Build

The Hunter Munition Build

Another significant build that you can get in the mission and the mods that it offers are Critical Delays, Argon Scope and Bladed Rounds. Though these are not the most powerful mod but still, these mods are strong enough to make you survive throughout the mission.

The build is focused on the critical damage and high output damage, and therefore, you should use only those mods that are needed for increasing the tremendous critical damage.

In a Similar way, the Hunter Munition and the Serration will also be a great combination to deal with the damage done, and the build itself is excellent with the critical multiplier and the fire rate, so there is no need to bring those mods that are helping you increasing the fire rate.

The most important mod that you can use here is the Split Chamber, and the Point Strike mod and these will be helping you in increasing the Multishot as well as the critical chance.

Malignant force and Vital Sense are the two mods that are not necessary to be carried, but they are essential for providing support, and you can take them as your backup.

Increasing the status chance and toxin should be our prime focus, and that is why we will be using only those mods that are good for increasing the critical damage and high output damage.


By now, you must have understood that where and how we use the different mods and different builds that Fulmin offers and how we can use our status chances and high damage output in the mission.

The critical point here is that the Fulmin is all about the high critical chance and good critical damage, and so we can only use such mods that are providing us with good critical chances and damage.

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