Vasca Kavat – Everything You Need to Know

The Vasca Kavat is not generated randomly, but one has to get its own Kavat and get it infected by the Wild Vasca. The Wild Vasca appears only on the Plains of Eidolon. It is a new companion that you can take as your pet for the Warframe.

It is most known as the Vampire Kavat because it possesses different abilities that allow it to drain health and sacrifice to help itself and its master.

Vasca Kavat Guide

The Vasca Kavat has a different look with its ears, face, and teeth that reminds of a bat that is a classic vampire animal. In this guide, we will discuss everything that you will be needed to breed your own Vasca Kavat.

Though breeding a Vasca Kavat is not an easy task, but with the right set of builds, you will be able to breed your pet and use it against your enemies in the mission.


  • 🐱 Getting the different breeds of kavats in Warframe can be quite challenging, with some being easier to obtain than others.
  • 🐾 When you have both the kvat incubator core and enough genetic codes, you can finally get to your incubator and try to make your first caveat.
  • 🐾 You can increase your chances of getting a specific kavat variety by using imprints in the process.
  • 🛡️ Smitakavat’s mischief mod makes your kavat invisible for 9 seconds every 7 seconds, summoning a decoy to attract fire and potentially save you from bad situations.
  • 🔥 The Smita kavat comes with amazing blessings like instant reload, double resource and affinity boost, small energy refill, and 100 percent crit chance increase, making it incredibly powerful in modern gameplay.
  • 🌙 Getting a Vasquez kavat involves a unique and challenging process, adding an extra layer of difficulty to obtaining this powerful companion.
  • 🐾 Experimenting with the vasco kavats and their mods can be quite fun and adds an interesting element to the game.
  • 💬 “This is basically a vampire cat.” – The idea of a vampire cat is intriguing and adds a unique twist to the concept of a kavat in Warframe.

How to Get Vasca Kavat?

Since you know that Vasca Kavat is a new companion and therefore, not everyone has the idea about the breeding of Vasca Kavat. So, for starting the breeding, you will be needed 105 Platinum to invest, and then you will be able to buy yourself all the required resources to breed a cat companion for yourself.

How to Get Vasca Kavat

However, it requires a lot of Platinum to be invested, and hence, you can farm your own Platinum also. However, you can also try to buy the required amount of Platinum, but that costs much, so you can farm your Platinum.

Now, you will be needed some genetic codes that can help you in breeding the Vasca Kavat, and for that, we will discuss some critical genetic codes and how we can get them. Here is the list of those genetic codes that will be helpful for you in farming the cat companion.

10x Kavat Genetic Codes – The first and the foremost thing you will be required to farm is the 10x Kavat Genetic codes. This is one of the annoying things that are there to farm for every new Vasca Kavat.

For this, you will have to get to the Orokin Derelict mission, where the survival rate is more and find yourself the Feral Kavat on the map. To get the Feral Kavat, you can use your scanner to scan the Kavat. Each scan will have a 25% chance of generating the genetic code.

Incubator Power Core – The Incubator Power Core is relatively easy to get. To get the Incubator Power Core, you will be required the blueprints that you can purchase from the market and also farm them. If you are comfortable with the farming of blueprints, then you can farm them as it will be easier for you to get them. Otherwise, you can also purchase it through the Platinum.

Open Stasis Slot – This one is the toughest to get as it can only be bought for Platinum. Each slot costs ten Platinum. There are no ways in which you can farm the slots, and this is why you will have to purchase them.

2x Vasca Kavat Genetic Imprints –  If you want to get the Vasca Kavat genetic Imprint, then you must have another Kavat that is crafted. Then you can bring your Kavat on the Plains of Eidolon during the night and let it find the Wild Vasca Kavat.

This will be seen running around in a group of three to six Kavat. Your own crafted Kavat will be inviting them, and they will infect the Kavat with the Vasca Virus. Once the virus gets injected into your own Kavat, then you can create a genetic imprint of your pet.

Damage Vasca Kavat Build

Damage Vasca Kavat Build

As you know that Kavat is a deadly beast, and therefore building the Kavat for the damage output will be the best choice for you. The Kavat Bite is another powerful mod that will help you in the mission. It works well with another mod, Maul. Also, there will be different mods that you can use with the Kavat Bite, and they are the Hunter Recovery, Stretch, and the Sharpened Claws.

Support Vasca Kavat Build

Support Vasca Kavat Build

This is another Kavat build that will be helpful for you in the mission. Though this build is a lot weaker than the general build, it does provide useful utility. It lacks the damage output, but it provides you different mods that can help you in covering up for the damage. One such mod is the Shelter mod that will be providing you switching into operator mod and go invisible whenever you want.


In this guide, we discussed how we can breed our own Vasca Kavat and what are the essential builds that will be helpful for us in the missions. The most important thing to keep in mind is that for farming the Vasca Kavat, you will be needed a lot of Platinum.

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