Vaykor Hek – A Complete Guide

Vaykor Hek is a variant of the Hek shotgun, a Grineer weapon. The Vakyor variant can be obtained only from the Steel Meridian. The damage output of this weapon is very high and possesses a narrow cone compared to other shotguns.

In comparison to the Hek, the Vaykor Hek has a higher Critical chance, higher fire rate, increased range, larger magazine, lower falloff value, and lower disposition. The Hek, as well as the Vaykor Hek variant, suffer from lower fire rate and accuracy.

Vaykor Hek Builds Guide

The reloading time is also on the slower side, and in a fast pace game, it can pose a severe challenge to the player. However, these smaller issues can be taken care of using the Vaykor Hek Builds and experimenting with some mods.


  • 🎮 The Vaykor Hek offers a variety of builds, including status, critical chance, and bleed builds, making it a versatile primary weapon.
  • 🔊 The Vaykor Hek has an innate syndicate effect from Steel Meridian, which is absolutely fantastic.
  • 🎯 If we get the status chance to 100% before multi shot effects then all of our pellets will be applying a status effect.
  • 🔍 Using Riven mod to reach 100% status chance is crucial for maximizing the Vaykor Hek’s potential.
  • 🎯 Multi shot is almost mandatory for almost any type of weapon, except rocket launcher grenade launchers.
  • 💥 The power of this build comes from the overpowered mod, Hunter Munitions, with a 30% chance to apply slash on critical hit.
  • 🔫 Multi shot and critical damage are important factors to consider when building Vaykor Hek in Warframe.
  • 🔫 With a 122% critical chance, the weapon is fully capable of murdering everything within a single shot.
Elemental Damage and Enemy Types
  • 🔥 Corrosive is one of the best elemental combos in the game as it will be reducing the maximum armor, making subsequent shots do more damage to an armored target.
  • 🛡️ When facing Grenier, it’s often safest to build corrosive damage, as it reduces armor regardless of its type, providing a consistent advantage.

Advantages of Vaykor Hek

  • High Puncture damage – affects enemy’s armor.
  • Very high Status and Critical chance
  • Decent magazine size for a shotgun
  • 7 pellets multishot
  • Does have Innate Justice effect
  • Madurai and Vazarin Polarity – Better customization

Disadvantages of Vaykor Hek

  • Impact and Slash damage is shallow.
  • Over 75% Linear fall of between 10m to 25m (100% to 26.67%)
  • High recoil and low accuracy
  • Slower reload speed
  • Damage output reduces with distance

How to acquire Vaykor Hek?

Acquiring Vaykor He is a bit trickier. First of all, you must have a Mastery Rank of 12, then only you can acquire it either by trading or through the Syndicates.

Once you reach the Rank of General with Steel Meridian, you can spend 125000 Syndicates to purchase it.

You can also acquire it through trade but only the unranked copies without Oorkin catalyst and forma.

Top Vaykor Hek Builds in Warframe

Vaykor Hek cannot make use of Scattered Justice, unlike Hek. It has got a very high Critical Chance. Therefore, it can merely employ a mod for a larger magazine and a higher fire rate to get extra Multi shots.

If you still want an additional mod for Multi shots, you can choose Hell’s Chamber.

Due to its Puncture damage type, you can use Accelerated Blast to increase the fire rate as well as the Puncture.

While playing in close range, Primed Point Blank can be used to deal more damage by +15% to +165%.

Vaykor Hek already has a higher Critical chance. Therefore, Blunderbuss might not be a very intelligent choice. However, if you want to increase your odds, even more, you can choose this. But a better option would be to use Primed Ravage to boost the critical damage.

Vaykor Hek Standard Build

Vaykor Hek Standard Build

The first and foremost build that we will discuss is the Vaykor Hek Standard build. The Standard build has two major mods that you will have to use anyhow, and that is the Primed Ravage mod and the Primed Point-Blank mod.

These two mods are always suggested to be used in the mission because these mods are damage dealing mods and can deal with a significant amount of damage. Also, make sure you do not only use the damage mod.

Other than the damage mod, the status mods also are relatively useful. These mods deal with the high critical chances and status chances, and thus they can be an excellent choice to have opted in the mission.

These mods can also help in creating more status effects within a specific range and can deal with damage also. Hunter Munitions also works well with Critical damage and critical delay. Other than the mods, the build itself is strong and does not require any mods.

Fast Damage Vaykor Hek Build

Fast Damage Vaykor Hek Build

The next damage build that we will be discussing is the fast damage build that overcomes its major drawback that is the slow reload speed. Mainly, in a build, you should have more speed than damage because speed is something through which you can resist the damage also. So, try looking for the mods that are providing you good speed and not damage.

Seeking Fury and Accelerated blast are the two significant mods that you can use in this mod. You can also use the Blunderbuss for the tactical Pump in case you need more speed. The build itself is not healthy, and therefore, we will use those mods that will provide us strength, energy, and efficiency. Other than this, the build must have some speed mods that we can use because we need more and more speed in this build.


Vaykor Hek is an excellent choice if you are looking for a mid-ranged weapon. Its damage output combined with mods becomes massive and can be used at any mission level.

You can use this guide to experiment with the mods combination to create a custom build, and you can also choose any of the Vaykor builds that we have discussed above.

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