Genshin Impact: How to Get Molten Moment

Are you playing Genshin Impact and thinking about how to get the awesome Molten Moment? Molten Moments are special and valuable items in the game that can help you strengthen your characters and make your adventures even more exciting.

We will tell you the steps to obtain this coveted item, making it easy for players of all levels to understand. Molten Moment is an important resource in Genshin Impact, as it can be used to level up your character’s talents, making them more powerful and effective in battles.

If you’re a new player looking to boost your favorite character’s abilities, we’ll know how to get Molten Moment is essential. We will see activities within the game that can help you acquire Molten Moments. From knowing characters and defeating powerful bosses to participating in special events, we’ll see it all.

So, let’s start obtaining Molten Moment and taking your Genshin Impact experience to the next level!

What is Molten Moment in Genshin Impact?

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In the amazing Genshin Impact world, there’s something special called Molten Moment. It’s a super important tool to make your characters even stronger. Think of it like a power-up item in a game. When you use it smartly, your characters become super tough and can handle really hard challenges in Teyvat.

Molten Moment is mostly used to level up characters from level 80 to 90. Normally, characters can only go up to level 80, but if you make them even cooler, they can reach level 90. To do that, you need many different things, and Molten Moment is one of the most important ones.

How to Get Molten Moment in Genshin Impact?

How to Get Molten Moment in Genshin Impact?

Getting Molten Moments might seem tricky, but if you stay determined and use the correct approach, you can gather this valuable substance. Let’s check a few methods to obtain Molten Moment.

1. Azhdaha Weekly Boss Fight

Azhdaha is a tough boss you can face every week in Liyue. When you defeat Azhdaha, you’ll get a cool reward called Molten Moment. You need to know that this boss is really strong, so prepare for a challenging fight.

2. Childe Weekly Boss Fight

Childe, also called Tartaglia, is a boss you can fight every week in Liyue. When you defeat Childe while he’s in his Raging Tide form, you might get a Molten Moment as a reward.

3. Elite Boss Drops

Sometimes, you might receive a Molten Moments as a reward when you defeat tough bosses like Pyro Regisvine, Geo Hypostasis, or Electro Hypostasis. It’s important to know that you won’t always get it, so staying patient and persistent is important.

4. Event Rewards

Watch for in-game events because they can give you Molten Moments as rewards when you finish certain tasks or challenges. Events are a fantastic way to gather more of this valuable material.

5. Crafting

If you want to make a Molten Moments and you have the material you need, you can create it at a Crafting Bench in either Mondstadt or Liyue. Crafting is a good way to get this material, but you need to have a high level of trust with the crafting NPC in that region.

How to Farm Molten Moment in Genshin Impact?

How to Farm Molten Moment in Genshin Impact?

To farm Molten Moment effectively, you need a mix of smart planning and commitment. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to maximize your Molten Moments farming efforts.

1. Prioritize Weekly Bosses

Because Azhdaha and Childe both reward you with Molten Moment, it’s a good idea to make it a weekly habit to challenge them. Concentrate on boosting your damage and getting better at handling the boss’s moves to improve your chances of winning.

2. Resin Management

Make sure you’ve got plenty of Original Resin to grab rewards from elite bosses and weekly bosses. When you fight these bosses, use Condensed Resin to get double rewards and maximize your Molten Moment earnings.

3. Party Composition

Create a balanced team by choosing characters whose abilities work well together. Mixing Pyro characters with those who can control crowds can help you handle boss fights more effectively.

4. Event Participation

Join special in-game events to earn Molten Moments as rewards. These events are available for a limited time, so do not pass up the chance.

5. Craft Wisely

If you’ve got the right material and a good relationship with the local crafting expert, think about making Molten Moments to add to your resources.

La Signora Challenge Reward (Level 70+)

La Signora Challenge Reward (Level 70+)

La Signora, who is also called The Fair Lady, holds a top position in the Fatui organization and wields strong Cryo powers. In the game, you’ll face her in a tough boss battle. To take on this challenging fight, ensure your characters are at Level 70 or higher. Here’s how you can join the La Signora challenge and earn Molten Moment rewards.

1. Level Requirement

To take on La Signora in a battle, your characters must be at least Level 70 or higher. It’s crucial to level up your characters and boost their gear and artifacts if you want to have a shot at defeating this tough opponent.

2. Challenge Mechanics

The La Signora challenge is usually a tough battle where you’ll face off against her Cryo powers. It’s important to be ready for a challenging fight, and it’s a good idea to bring characters who can use Pyro’s abilities to counter her icy attacks effectively.

3. Molten Moment Reward

Beating La Signora in the challenge can get you a valuable Molten Moment prize. You need Molten Moments to level up your characters from Level 80 to Level 90.

4. Resin Usage

To get your rewards from the La Signora challenge, you’ll need Original Resin. Make sure you have plenty of Resin to get the most out of your Molten Moment rewards.

5. Event Duration

You need to know that you might only get the chance to do the La Signora challenge in certain game events or quests. Make sure to join in when it’s available to earn the Molten Moments as your prize.

How to Use Molten Moments in Genshin Impact

How to Use Molten Moments in Genshin Impact

Molten Moment is a powerful weapon in Genshin Impact that many characters love to use because it has special abilities. To use it well, you need to know how it works. It’s a 5-star polearm that can increase both Physical and Elemental damage, which is good for different characters and ways of playing the game. When you hold it, your Normal Attacks become stronger, and you get an Attack bonus based on your maximum HP.

So, it’s great for characters who use both Normal and Charged Attacks. To get the most out of Molten Moment, it’s best to give it to characters who can attack quickly so you can use its Normal Attack bonus effectively.

Characters That Use Molten Moments

Characters That Use Molten Moments

1. Aloy

Aloy, the talented huntress you might recognize from Horizon Zero Dawn, is now a top-tier Cryo character in Genshin Impact, boasting a 5-star rating. Her claim to fame is her lightning-fast bow skills, and she becomes even more formidable when wielding Molten Moment, a weapon that boosts her normal attack damage. Thanks to this weapon, Aloy can rain down a storm of arrows, dealing remarkable damage to her enemies.

2. Gorou

Gorou, the 4-star Geo character from Inazuma, really likes using the Molten Moments polearm. This weapon works great with his normal and charged attacks, which are part of his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst abilities. When Gorou wields Molten Moment, he becomes super strong in fights, causing much damage with his Geo and Physical attacks.

3. Raiden

Raiden Shogun, the mysterious Electro character, could be a great choice for using Molten Moment. When she’s in her Elemental Burst mode, she attacks really quickly. If you give her Molten Moment, it makes her attacks even more powerful, and she can zap her foes with a really strong, electrifying attack.

List of Materials

List of Materials

1. Local Supplies

Local supplies typically refer to items you can gather or obtain within the game world. These items can include but are not limited to.

  • Plants and herbs for crafting potions or food.
  • Animal products such as meat, hides, and feathers.
  • Common crafting materials such as wood or cloth.
  • Specialty items are unique to specific regions.

2. Fish

Fish are a valuable resource in many games and can be used for various purposes in different contexts. In the context of Genshin Impact, fish can be found in bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. They are often used for cooking dishes that provide various benefits, including healing and stamina regeneration.

3. Gadget

Gadgets in games can refer to various tools or devices that serve specific functions. In Genshin Impact, gadgets may include items like.

  • The Treasure Compass helps you locate nearby chests.
  • The NRE gadget for quick healing and revival during battles.
  • The Anemoculus and Geoculus resonance stones for finding and collecting Anemoculi and Geoculi in the open world.

4. Ore Chunks

Ore chunks are essential resources for crafting and upgrading weapons in Genshin Impact. These can be found in mining nodes throughout the game world and come in different varieties, such as Iron Chunk, White Iron Chunk, Crystal Chunk, and more. They are used to upgrade your weapons, making them more powerful.

5. Potions

Potions are magic drinks in the game. When your characters drink them, good things happen. Some potions make them feel better by healing their HP, while others refill their stamina bar. And there are special potions that give them extra powers or protection from bad material. To make these potions, you collect material such as plants, flowers, and things monsters drop in the game world.

6. Weapon Ascension Materials

Weapon ascension materials are essential for upgrading and evolving your weapons in Genshin Impact. These materials are specific to each weapon type and include items like.

  • Weapon Ascension Materials: Unique materials are required to ascend weapons to higher tiers.
  • Boss materials: Obtained from defeating elite bosses for crafting specific weapon upgrades.

7. Wood Material

Wood materials are primarily used for crafting and building in the game. They can be gathered from trees and other wooden objects throughout the world. Wood is essential for crafting furniture in your Serenitea Pot, constructing structures, and fulfilling various crafting recipes that require it.

Effects of the Molten Moment

Effects of the Molten Moment

Molten Moments is a 5-star polearm weapon in Genshin Impact with unique effects.

1. Normal Attack Bonus

When wielded, it increases the wielder’s Normal Attack damage, increasing their basic attack capabilities.

2. HP-Based ATK Bonus

Additionally, the weapon provides an ATK bonus based on the wielder’s max HP. This bonus makes Molten Moment especially effective for characters with high HP pools.

3. Flexibility

Due to its combination of Normal Attack bonuses and the HP-based ATK bonus, Molten Moment is a versatile weapon that can benefit characters who rely on both Normal and Charged Attacks.


Getting the Molten Moments in Genshin Impact can be exciting. To obtain this valuable item, follow these simple steps. Find the game’s world, complete quests, and defeat enemies to gather Fire Crystals and Star Silver.

Use these resources to craft the Molten Moment at a blacksmith’s forge. Visit the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine to collect Crimson Agate, which is important for increasing the Molten Moment.

Team up with friends to take on challenging events and bosses for valuable rewards, including the Molten Moments. By following these steps and staying committed to your in-game adventures, you’ll soon have the Molten Moment in your control.

In your quest to obtain the Molten Moment, you must know that patience and determination are your best allies.

Keep battling and collaborating with others, and soon, you’ll wield the power of this remarkable weapon to win.

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