The Ultimate Khora Builds

The mistress of death and her beast are two souls with one will – To kill. With sharp blades all around her suit, she seems to be a killing machine.

Yes! We are talking about Khora and her beast with blood-hungry claws, Venari. Released in the update 22.18 in 2018, Khora is a powerful and furious Warframe to scare off the enemies.

Khora is super powerful, having a high starter health and energy pool, decent shield, and power armor. The whip-wielding Khora becomes even more robust with her companion. Together they can create heavy destruction and chaos among the enemies.

The Ultimate Khora Builds

Khora is also an easy-to-farm Warframe and has a very high area of effect crowd control. Despite all her furious looks and death-dealing abilities, her energy seems to be on the downside, and the damage dealt by her may not be the best in class.

Abilities of Khora Warframe?

  1. Whipclaw – Using her iconic whip, she can make her enemies deaf and dizzy.
  2. Ensnare – Khora can trap her enemies in living metal. The trap also entangles those who come closer.
  3. Venari – She summons a hunter Kavat which can attack, defend as well as heal.
  4. Strangledome – She entangles her enemies in a dome of a living chain that she can summon using this ability.

Khora Builds

Khora has many different builds that we can use in our defense. These builds when utilized correctly, allows us to play safe and transparent.

Each build has its pros and cons, and thus, we need the right set of information regarding the build to know when and where we must attack and how we need to play to be safe throughout the mission. So, we will be discussing three main builds of Khora that are mostly in use.

Khora Build – Undying Khora

This is one of the most useful builds of Khora that allows you to use every ability of Khora altogether. The most important mod that can be used here is the Physique mod that will provide you with increased health.

The Power Drift mod of Khora provides you good ability strength and chances to resist knockdowns. You can use the Prime Continuity mod and the Power Drift mod to gain the health duration and combine it with the strength to survive a little more.

Khora Build – Undying Khora

The Blind Range mod of Khora will be providing the ability of strength and ability of efficiency. Along with this mod, you do not need to combine any other mod as this is one of a kind mod, and hence it does not need any support from any other mod. However, there is one mod that you can combine with the Blind Range, and that is the Augur Reach.

The Augur Reach allows you to gain ability range and over the shield. Also, Umbral Intensify and Umbral Fiber are other mods that can be used to gain Ability range and Tau Resistance. Here, you can also combine it with the Stretch mod to gain the range and the Vitality mod to get the required health.

Khora Whipclaw and Utility

This is the second build of Khora that is the most critical because you can use all of your abilities together in this build. The Corrosive Projection and the Cunning Drift are the essential mods in this build.

These mods will be providing you the slide, friction, and ability range and will be helping you in reducing the energy armor. Along with these two mods, the other mod that you can use is the Stretch mod to get the excellent ability range.

Khora Whipclaw and Utility

The Primed Continuity and the Umbral Intensify mod will be providing you the ability strength, tau resistance, and ability duration. This ability duration will be helping you in increasing your survival rate in the mission.

The Transient Fortitude will be helping you in increasing the ability strength and the ability duration. Also, you can use the Streamline mod to get the required ability efficiency. These mods will be helping you in standing against your enemies for a little longer.

Excavation Arbitration Meta

In this build, you can use some of the easiest mods that are Energy Siphon that will be providing you to generate the Warframe Energy. The Coaction Drift will be providing you the Aura Strength and the aura effectiveness. These two mods will be helping you in increasing the strength and ability range.

Excavation Arbitration Meta


In this guide, we have discussed the three significant builds of Khora and what are the various mods that can be used in these builds so that we can survive throughout the mission and kill a large group of mobs.

The ability strength and ability duration will be your best mods that you can use in the mission.

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