Saryn Build – Everything You Need to Know

Saryn is one of the most popular and loved damage dealers in the game that many players love. It receives love from so many players because it has some unique set of skills that every player finds fascinating and challenging.

It deals with significant damage and can kill a room full of enemies in no time. Therefore every player finds it challenging and fun to play in this Build.

Saryn Build

In the Saryn Build, every player’s goal is to survive until the last, which is the most challenging thing in the Build. It does a fair amount of damage that is difficult to cover in the Build because many enemies will be looking for you to kill, which is why surviving the Saryn Build is one of the most challenging tasks for each player in the field. However, it seems easy for the time being, but it is not straightforward to survive.


  • 🎮 The build is aimed at beginner players who have not yet unlocked everything in Warframe, providing a helpful guide for new players.
  • 🎮 Her first skill inflicts corrosive damage to enemies, making her a powerful force on the battlefield.
  • 🦠 Toxic lash coats all weapons that Saryn uses with toxin, multiplying damage based on the damage increase of toxic lash.
  • 🛡️ Using auger reach for Shield gate in the Saryn build provides extra protection.
  • 🎯 The shotgun barrage galvanized Savvy can provide additional status chance and flat damage for every status effect, enhancing the effectiveness of the build.
  • 🔪 Using Hunter munition for slash chance when critting and pairing it with viral status effects can make Saryn’s attacks more effective and deadly.
  • 🔥 We need fire rate so we can prime enemies quicker.
  • 🔥 Using Smite Grineer for multiplicative damage can significantly boost Saryn’s damage output.

The Different Builds and Abilities

If you are a good player, you must have done some research about getting through this Build. If you have not done any research, then we will tell you what your options are. You can use the Naramon Polarity to use the Saryn in different settings; a sit will be a better choice for you to survive the Build.

Also, Corrosive Projection might help you in killing the room of enemies in no time. Still, for that, you will be needed to be extremely fast and careful.


  • Spores – Deals with a significant amount of damage to the nearby enemies.
  • Molt – This ability deals with drawing fire from enemies.
  • Toxic Lash – When it is activated, then it allows Melee strike burst spore to the enemies.
  • Miasma – Pollutes the atmosphere with poison and kills the enemies.

The first Build that we will be talking about is the Saryn Spores Build. This Build is suitable for you if you are playing on a low level. It can provide you certain advantages with ability, strength and deal with many enemies at a time.


You can pile up the right amount of ability strength if you are in this Build, as it is one of the best Builds if you are playing on a low level. Also, it will provide you a good range along with spreading the spores on the whole map.

Another feature is the Fleeting Expertise that keeps track of your energy level, that it should be enough for you to cast the first ability when the time comes. Also, Vitality is preferred for the survival mod, and you can use it in increasing the health pool. However, if you plan to do the missions with high-level enemies, you will have to switch the Build as it is recommended for the low level only.


Saryn Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Build

One of the most popular Builds of Saryn is the Saryn Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Build, and it is pretty famous because of the used DPS Warframe in the meta. It can quickly clear the whole map, and at the same time, it can prevent itself too.

This Build is generally preferred for high-level enemies and missions so, if you are aiming for high-level missions, then this one is suitable for you. It also combines an excellent range with a lot of strength along with survivability.

Another thing that you can use in this Build is to use Vitality and Regenerative Molt. Regenerative Molt will provide you enough energy, and Quick Thinking will provide you another shot for surviving the lethal attacks.

These two combinations are enough to get through the mission, and therefore it is required for players to play at a high level to manage between the switching of mods and be good at speeding.


If you somehow get the premade group along with the dedicated goal, then this Premade Group Build will be the best Build for you. This will provide you better healing from the damage caused.

Also, it will provide you acceptable speeding that will help you in protecting yourself from the enemies. The Build is straightforward to understand if you are already playing with the high-level enemies, and here you can use the EV Trinity. So, it is one of the most popular Builds that the players use.


With this guide, one thing is that you can take advantage of is the Energy Siphon that might help you on lower-level missions.

However, to use the Energy Siphon, you must have enough energy to create the Spore’s ability to protect you from the enemies.

In the Saryn Build, you will find a bulk of enemies at a time, and it will be difficult for you to bypass them if you do not have enough energy.

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