How to Get Loki?

Loki is one of the deadliest Warframe, and it is commonly used for its unique abilities that make sit capable of fighting opponents. It is mostly used for its stealth capabilities and its ability to become invisible whenever needed. Loki is also considered as the best Warframe for those missions that require tactical infiltration because it is the original stealth Warframe.

Loki can make itself invisible whenever needed. This ability of Loki makes it one of the deadliest Warframe as it is very difficult for the opponents to locate it and kill. Therefore Loki is often termed as stealth Warframe.

How To Get Loki Guide

Along with this, Loki has other capabilities that are useful in the mission. It is famous for its trickiest nature to kill the enemies without even coming to notice. In this article, we will discuss how we can get Loki.


  • 🕹️ Loki’s passive ability to latch onto walls 10 times longer than any other warframe adds a unique element to his gameplay.
  • 🔁 The augment mod xavier decoy allows decoy to absorb any fatal damage dealt to loki then switching places with loki, providing a unique defensive capability.
  • 🤫 Invisibility duration is affected by ability duration, making it a crucial factor in using Loki’s abilities effectively.
  • 🌀 Loki’s ability to swap positions with allies or enemies can cause confusion and prevent the target from attacking, making it a strategic move in combat.
  • 🔫 Loki’s Disarm ability not only disarms enemies, but also stuns and causes impact damage, making it a versatile crowd control tool.
  • 🎮 Loki is a key part of Warframe gameplay, used in almost every aspect of the game as a general rule.
  • 🌀 Use switch teleport on demo lists to buy extra time for crowd control missions.

Loki Blueprints

As you already know that for getting any Warframe, you first need to collect its blueprints so that you can farm the Warframe. For getting the blueprints, there are specific steps and procedures that you will be needed to follow.

Loki offers a variety of specialized abilities that are difficult to farm. This is why you will be needed to collect its blueprint and then start farming the Warframe.

Loki Blueprints

Loki Chassis – The first and the foremost classic component of Loki Warframe is its chassis. If you are looking to farm Loki, then the first task of yours will be to collect the blueprint of its CChassis Once you are able to farm the chassis, then you can move forward. To farm its chassis, you will be needed to collect Morphic, Ferrite, and Rube do. Once you collect these, then you will be able to get the Chassis blueprint.

Loki Neuroptics – The next task of yours will be to find the blueprint of Loki Neuroptics. For collecting the blueprint of Loki Neuroptics, you will have to collect Alloy Plate, Neural Sensors, Polymer Bundles, and Rube do. Once you get these, then you will get the blueprint of Loki Neuroptics.

Loki Systems – The next task will be to collect the Systems blueprint of the Loki Warframe. For collecting the system blueprint of Loki Warframe, you will have to collect the control module, morphic, Salvage, and plastids. After getting these, you will be able to get the required blueprint. Once the blueprint is collected, then you can move forward to the next task.

Orokin Cell – This is the last blueprint that you will be needed to collect to start farming Loki on your own. For this, you will be needed to get an Alloy plate, Nano spores, and Salvage. After collecting the required items, you will be able to get the Orokin Cell blueprint. As this is the last blueprint that you will be needed to collect, you can move forward to the next task.

Where to Farm Loki?

If you want to farm Loki, then you will be needed to be productive enough to farm in Sedna. Sedna is a dwarf planet and one of the most common locations that you can choose to farm Loki.

You will find familiar and uncommon resources there that will help you in farming Loki. Alloy Plate and Salvage are the shared resources you will get, and the rubedo will be the uncommon one that will help you in farming the Warframe.

After completing your task on Sedna, you can move forward to Phobos that is a moon of Mars. There you will get the unique and rare resources that will help in farming the required Warframe.

Where to Farm Loki

The unique resources include the Rubedo and Plastids, whereas the rare resource will be providing you Morphic to farm the Warframe. There are also some resources that are not used till now, but you will find them on other planets.

Polymer Bundles, Neural Sensors, and Control Module will be the resources that you will find on Neptune, and there you can farm all three blueprints of Loki. If you are done farming the blueprints of Loki, you will be able to farm the Warframe itself.

Another thing that you should be worried about is the Hyena Pack. The Warframes that will be against the Hyena Pack will be Mesa, Vauban, Chroma, Frost, or Volt, and these will help you in defeating the Hyena Pack.


So far, we have discussed how and where we can farm Loki Warframe and how we can collect the blueprints. As you know that one of the most challenging tasks is to collect the required blueprints, and once you can do this, then it will become easier for you to farm Loki on any planet. So, the only thing that you need to worry about is to collect the required blueprints.

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