Warframe Wisp: How to Unlock the New Warframe Wisp

Wisp is known as the 40th Warframe Game and released with update 25. The 40th Warframe brought Wisp and some great weapons, a new assassination target, and four powerful active abilities.

Warframe is considered very tricky for new players as it is not easy to figure out what requirements are used to craft a new frame.

In this article, we will discuss a simple guide to unlock the new Warframe known as Wisp. We will discuss all the details about unlocking Wisp and encounter all the problems you might face during this process.


  • ๐ŸŒŒ Wisp Prime is a highly anticipated Warframe, with players excited to farm her and her relics in the void.
  • ๐Ÿ’Ž Running lower level missions like Cetus bounties can be a good source of lith Relic drops for Wisp Prime and weapons.
  • ๐Ÿ” Void missions and bounties are good spots to farm for Wisp Prime and weapons in Warframe.
  • ๐Ÿ” Relics have good drop rates, making fast missions and bounties equally viable for farming Wisp Prime.
  • ๐ŸŽฎ You can go do the mid to lower to higher level Cetus bounties to try to get the Wisp Prime relics.
  • ๐Ÿ“œ Different relics drop different Prime parts, so make sure to farm the specific relics that contain the parts you need.
  • ๐Ÿ” The drop locations for Wisp Prime and weapons in Warframe are rare and uncommon, making them challenging to farm for.
  • ๐Ÿ’Ž Lower level for lith, mid lower level for meso, mid higher level for Neo, and higher level for axi – the key to farming up all of these relics!

What Is Wisp, And How to Get It?

Unlock the New Warframe Wisp

Wisp is the 40th Warframe, first mentioned in Devstream 115, and two other unnamed Warframes. She was the first model without any feet, which allows her to float above the ground.

To unlock the WIsp, you must get all the four-wisp blueprint, and you must fight with the newest boss again and again. You can also get the wisp blueprint by fighting with the funny boss – Ropalolyst.

To unlock the Wisp, firstly, you need to unlock Jupiter. You can use the star map to find the route from your current location to Jupiter.

There is a requirement for each junction, so you place the mouse cursor to know the junction requirements.

After that, you must finish the Chimera Prologue, and then you must complete the sacrifice, which is the final mission of the game.

Now, you must go to the Ganymede Node on the Jupiter planet and complete that mission, which should allow you to build a new node for Ropalolyst on Jupiter.

Now comes the boss fight. It would help if you found the electrical surges along the wires, and to avoid them, you need to switch them first.

You will need to reach behind the significant electrical node to avoid the massive, charged attack, which also charges the conduit.

When the beam attack is over, you must leave the cover and hit the Ropalolyst with your Amp attacks until his shield goes down.

Now, you must jump on the beast by spamming the “X” key and then steer onto the left of the conduit.

Now, the boss will rush to a platform, and then you must go behind and stun the boss and reach to the panel to activate the massive beam and launch it at the beast.

It would help if you repeated the beam launch until the boss is dead. After defeating the boss, you will be rewarded with several Wise parts, so to get all the wise blueprints, you must grind very hard.

Wisp’s Abilities

Wisp's Abilities


The Reservoir’s ability will allow it to choose and summon a reservoir filled with motes to help Wisp and her allies. Green, also known as Haste Mote, helps increase the speed of movement and attacks. Red is also known as Vitality Mote, which can maximize health and allows healing over time, and the last one, Blue, also known as Shock Mote, helps stun the nearby enemies.


The Wil-O-Wisp ability is mainly used to cast a spectral image of Wisp to confuse the enemies. It would help if you reactivated it to travel to its position. You must hold the image to travel faster and release it at the location where you want to be teleported.

Breach Surge

The Breach Surge helps open a dimensional breach to fear the nearby enemies and allow themselves to release their surge sparks when damaged.

Sol Gate

The Sol Gate is almost like the Breach Surge, but it opens a portal to the sun, which will destroy the enemy with the beam of pure solar plasma.

Passive: Phased

This ability is one of the Wisp’s best ones, and she can use it to become invisible around enemies while traveling in the air.

What Resources Are Needed for Wisp

Resources Are Needed for Wisp

If you want to craft yourself a Wisp, you will need an amount of 70000 credits, along you will also need some rare resources that are not so easy to obtain.

Some of the primary resources to unlock Wisp are Wisp blueprint, WIsp Chassis, 500x Hexenon, 3x Orokin Cells, etc.

Some of the elements are very easy to obtain but finding Oxium is the hardest part. To obtain the Oxium, you need to kill the Oxium Sprays.

Some of the ways to obtain the other resources are:

  • Argon Crystal: The Argon Crystal is a scarce resource that enemies drop on the Void. So, there are two ways either you can join an ongoing mission and kill all enemies until or unless you find an Argon Crystal, or you can go into a capture mission and search for the Argon Crystal in every room.
  • Tellurium: The Tellurium is mainly dropped by Archwing enemies or on the Kuva Fortress. The best way to get there is by running Salacia until you have got them. You can also jump into any Archwing mission, and if you are lucky enough, you will get a Tellurium.
  • Nitin Extract: The Nitain Extract is straightforward to obtain. You can easily buy them from the Nightwave offering in exchange for 15 creds. You can also get these from the Ghoul Purge as a reward, or you might be super lucky to find all three amounts of cash during Reactor Sabotage.
  • Hexenon: The Hexenon can be obtained as a reward from the Disruption mode. So, grinding in an ongoing mission is the best way to get the Hexenon.

Final Words

Obtaining the Wisp Blueprint is very easy, but the challenging part is to collect all its other resources. The only easiest method to obtain the Wisp is to maintain the non-stop grinding in missions.

It will help you in gathering some essential resources which are required to unlock Wisp. Wisp is a very impressive Warframe, and it will be an excellent addition to your collection.

I hope you find this helpful article, and if you think we missed any important detail or have any queries regarding this topic, you can comment down below. We will be delighted to help you.

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