Nidus Build Guide

Nidus has got some set of skills and abilities that it does not share with any other Warframe, and that is what makes it one of the most popular and famous Warframe. It has a unique ability to create more and more destruction of the enemy.

Nidus goes well with the health and the Armor. Along with shield and Armor, it is always high on energy but low on the shield. However, in the case of Nidus, it has got so many different abilities that work out, so it does not matter that it gets low on the shield.

Nidus Build Guide

The abilities and skills that Nidus is equipped with are pretty great and exclusive. This is why it is always recommended that only experienced player go well with Nidus.


  • 🎮 The video provides tips and tricks on how to maximize damage output and survivability with Nidus Prime.
  • 🔗 The combination of parasitic link and ensnare creates a powerful catalyst for dealing damage and controlling enemies, making Nidus Prime a formidable force on the battlefield.
  • 🔫 The combination of abilities like Parasitic Link, Exodia Hunt, and Magus Anomaly allows for efficient crowd control and damage output.
  • 🔥 The build prioritizes increasing crit chance for Nidus Prime’s abilities, utilizing base duration and Parasitic Link’s long duration to maintain effectiveness.
  • 🎯 Adaptation pairs well with parasitic link, helping to reduce the damage that you send to the enemy.
  • 🔪 The use of specific mods and weapons in Nidus Prime’s build allows for efficient and powerful attacks against enemies.
  • 🔥 Nidus Prime’s red crits can be maximized with the right combination of weapons and mods, making it a powerful and versatile choice for players.

The Different Abilities of Nidus

There are different abilities of Nidus that go well in any mission. Like every other Warframe, the abilities of Nidus also have some pros and cons. The primary abilities of Nidus include Virulence, Larva, Parasitic Link, and Ravenous. All these abilities, when combined, form the Nidus that is deadly and fast. We will discuss each of these abilities one by one.

  1. Virulence – This is the first ability of Nidus that is fast, efficient, high on energy, and good with range. It covers the ground with a fungal growth that steals energy from the enemies. Once five enemies are done, it mutates the infestation by multiplying its destructive force.
  2. Larva – This is the second ability of Nidus that latches on nearby enemies and pulls them and their energy.
  3. Parasitic Link – This is the third ability of Nidus that binds to a target with a parasitic link. Due to this ability, Nidus increases damage towards the enemy.
  4. Ravenous – This is the fourth and the last ability of Nidus that maggots benefit from mutation and adds each enemy consumed to the stack.

These are the four abilities of Nidus Warframe that make it one of the deadliest and intelligent Warframe. However, there are a lot of competitors that are standing against Nidus, but it is one of the most popular and favorite Warframe.

Also, it has the capacity of pulling energy from the enemies that is a rare ability. This ability alone helps in getting through the mission if you know how and when to use it.

The Different Nidus Build

There are different Nidus builds that are out there and can be used for getting through the mission. In any mission, generally, players use the Energy Siphon, Corrosive Projection, and Rejuvenation.

For Nidus, you might not require the Energy Siphon as it can alone provide you much energy to fight. However, if you still add the Energy Siphon, it will be an add-on that will not be wasted. Along with this Nidus builds, other mods that can be used are Aura mod and Quick Thinking. These are essential for Nidus build as they are the focus points of the mission.

The Different Nidus Build

Also, Steel charge and Rejuvenation together make a great combination that can be used in the mission at any time. They provide backup to each other and provide more destruction to the enemies and prevent you from damage. This helps you in saving your energy. Along with this, Quick Thinking helps you in preventing you from Fatal Damage, and Hunter Adrenaline helps you in getting through the mission.

The Standard Nidus Build

The first and the foremost Nidus build that we will talk about is the Standard Build. In this build, the most important mods that can be used are Vitality, Hunter Adrenaline, and Streamline. These will be your go-to mods as they will help you in switching builds and save you from the destruction that will be done to you by the enemies. If you are using the standard version then, these mods will be the life savior.

The Standard Nidus Build

However, if you want to use Umbral Intensify, then you can go with that also. It does require more forma, but that is something you will get along with. Umbral Intensify does help in providing you a shield from the enemies. If you have an excellent duration, then you might want to go with Blind Rage also.

The Tank Build

In this build, the best combination will be Vitality, Steel Fiber, and Armored Agility to increase the Armor and reduce the incoming damage. If you combine with a more significant health rejuvenation, then it will help you in saving your life till the end of the mission. Here, you can also use your third ability for redirecting the incoming damage to the enemies.

The Tank Build


In this guide, we discussed the various abilities and builds of Nidus Warframe and how we can use them against our enemies. The only thing you need to keep in mind is when and where you can use the abilities against the enemies.

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