Warframe Akarius Builds Guide

The Akarius is a burst fire dual launcher that can launch a pair of homing rockets in a radius of five meters. It has an explosion radius of 7.2 meters.

The Akarius is the signature weapon of Gauss and has a very high-status chance and brings accuracy when used along with him.

Warframe Akarius Builds

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Warframe Akarius along with its pros and cons. We will also discuss some different Warframe Akarius builds.


  • 📈 The guide takes a new player-friendly tone, but also offers an endgame setup for veteran players, making it accessible for all levels of experience.
  • 💥 The Akarius Prime may have a smaller magazine size and ammo reserve, but it offers a 7.8 M explosion that makes it highly usable.
  • 🛠️ “The Akarius comes with two dash polarities and a v polarity, so Forma is what you’re looking at to get a decent build out of it.”
  • 🔥 The combination of 60% radiation and 40% fire rate in Accelerated Isotope mod is absolutely huge for the weapon’s elemental combo.
  • 🔍 Testing the Akarius Prime against level 100 corrupted heavy goons provides a relevant assessment of its capabilities.
  • 🎯 Arcane Avenger provides 45% extra critical chance bonus additive after simply stacking on top of what you already have applying to your primary secondary melee and your heavy weapon.
  • 🔥 Testing out the build on Steel Path modifiers level 180 without invincibility to showcase its true potential.
  • 🔥 The Akarius Prime can annihilate everything up to level 400-500 in steel path without any issue whatsoever.



The Akaroisu is a dual pistol, which can also shoot rockets. It has the capability to innate blast damage, which is considered excellent against Fossilized or Machinery.

While using this weapon, you must take care of self-damage. This weapon has a minimum arming distance of ten meters.

This weapon reloads faster while sprinting, and it yields many more advantages when used along with the Gauss. It can deal 419 Blast damage and 68 Impact damage.


  • It has very excellent Base damage.
  • It can innate blast damage which is very effective against Machinery.
  • It has very excellent Impact damage, which is effective against shields.
  • It has a very high-status chance
  • It has an explosion radius of 7.2 meters.
  • While sprinting, the reloading speed increased by 50%
  • It can innate 2x Naramon polarity.




  • It has no puncture or slash damage.
  • Its damage cannot be increase by using slash or picture damage mods.
  • It has a low critical chance.
  • The projectiles have a travel time.
  • Its explosion inflicts self-damage; before firing, you must make ten meters of safe distance.
  • It has a terrible ammo economy.

Best Warframe Akarius Builds

Before building different builds, you must keep in mind that this weapon’s critical chance is meager, so it is useless to use any critical damage mod in this weapon.

Some of the different Warframe Akarius builds are:

1. Standard Akarius Build

Standard Akarius Build

The Standard Build is considered the most well-rounded build for this weapon. All the tremendous standard secondary mods are used in this build, such as Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, etc. You can also use two +60% status mods to increase the status chance to 90%.

To increase the innate blast damage, you must use Scorch and Frostbite. You can also use Corrosive or Viral damage to use the innate damage as crowd control.

Magnum force is one of the great additions in this build, and the Primed Heated Charge is used to increase the overall damage output.

2. Fast Reload Impact Akarius Build

Fast Reload Impact Akarius Build

The Fast Reload Impact Akarius Build is another excellent build that is quite like the standard build, but the Stunning Speed mod is used to build faster reload speed instead of using two +60% status chance mods.

In this build, Pummel is beneficial in increasing the impact damage. You can use the high-impact damage for some extra crowd control.

You can take this build of Akarius to the Profit Taker Orb fight.

3. Elemental Damage Build

The Elemental Damage Build is mainly used to deal a massive amount of damage instantly. The Innate blast damage type is used as its primary damage type. You can use three different combined elements along with this build.

This build can deal massive damage and kill all the enemies quickly.

Final Words

The Akarius is a perfect weapon that can be used as a secondary weapon. You can do it along with different mods to make this weapon better.

Akarius is mainly used in dealing with massive damage in large areas. The status chance of this weapon is very high, and you can also use some status mods to increase the damage output by a considerable extent.

This is all about this guide. I hope that this guide will help you and if you found this article helpful, please share it once.

If you think we have missed any point related to the build or have any questions or queries regarding this topic, you can tell us by commenting below.

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