Warframe Volt Build 2023 Guide

Warframe is an exciting game, and the Warframe Volt build is one of its most exciting builds. Having the right build for Volt can make a large difference in your gaming experience.

We’ve some effective builds to help you become a true Volt pro. We’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to set up these builds so you can release the full potential of Volt’s electric powers.

If you want to use lightning to defeat your enemies, move fast in missions, or shield your team with electricity, these builds help you to find.

So, be ready to boost your Volt game. If you’re looking for solo play and team support, these builds will help you become a Volt expert.


  • 🛠️  Volt is the most versatile frame in the game and can pretty much do it all, making it a valuable choice for players.
  • ⚡ The electric shield in Warframe can stack six shields on top of each other, adding bonus electric damage and a 200 percent critical multiplier when fired through.
  • 🛡️ The camper setup allows for strategic shield placement to keep you safe while dealing damage to enemies, making it a great addition to your damage output.
  • 🛡️ Rolling guard is crucial for Volt’s survivability, providing iframes and status cleansing for when you want to go out of your safe zone and pick up loot and life support.
  • 🔫  The augment muzzle flash for Volt’s shooting gallery can release a radial blind, making enemies susceptible to stealth multiplier damage.
  • 🏃‍♂️  The combination of sprint speed, power strength, and max energy in the build allows for a powerful 2.34 times speed multiplier.
  • 🛠️  Synergizing with equilibrium and energy conversion for increased power strength in Volt’s abilities.
  • 🔌 Volt’s shields give free electric damage and critical multiplier, making them really good for profit taker hunts.

Understanding Warframe Volt Build

Understanding Warframe Volt Build .jpg

In the game Warframe, there are many different characters to pick from, each with their special moves and playstyles. One of these characters is Volt, who’s pretty flexible.

He can deal big damage and help out his team a bunch. To make Volt shine, you must know how to build him right. Volt is all about electricity and speed. This makes him great at both attacking and defending.

Or you can go for a Discharge Build that uses his Discharge ability, turning him into an electric powerhouse that can kill and control many enemies.

To build Volt well, you must find the right balance between how long his powers last, how far they reach, and how strong they are. You can try out different mods and tricks to make Volt fit your style, whether you’re playing alone or with friends.

That’s when you’ll see why Volt is a favorite among Warframe players with his shocking potential. Understanding and trying out these Volt builds lets you make your Warframe fit your playstyle. So, power up your Volt and see the amazing potential it has inside.

How to Get Warframe Volt Build

How to Get Warframe Volt Build

1. Acquire Volt

To get Warframe Volt built, you first need to grab his blueprint. You have the option to buy it using the game’s money. Joining a Clan gives you access to this lab, and you can start making your Volt there.

So, if you like shopping in the game store or are a Clan member, Volt’s blueprint is what you’re after. Once you’ve got it, you’re all set to bring Volt’s electric power to your missions. Get going and have fun on your exciting game.

2. Focus on Mods

Mods are like special tools that can make your Warframe powerful. When you play as Volt, you want to pick mods that make his abilities good.

Think of Streamline, Continuity, and increase as power-ups for warframe volt build. Streamline helps him use his powers more without using too much energy. Continuity makes his abilities last longer, so they stay tough longer.

And Intensify? Well, that one makes his abilities hit hard. Using these mods on Volt gives him a big boost. His powers work better, stay around for longer, and hit enemies well. So, if you want to be great with Volt, use these mods, and you’ll be hard in the Warframe game.

3. Electric Shield Build

To make Volt’s Electric Shield better, use mods that make it last longer, make it tough, and make it cover a bigger area. These mods are like power-ups for Warframe Volt build-in a fight. First, let’s talk about how long it stays up.

Some mods, such as Continuity and Prime Continuity, help Electric Shield stay up longer. This means it keeps protecting you for a longer time in a battle. Now, let’s make it harder.

Mods like Intensify and Transient Fortitude make Electric Shield tougher. It can take more hits from opponents and even deal more damage when you use it to attack. Lastly, make it cover a bigger space. Stretch and Augur Reach mods are great for this. They make Electric Shield bigger, so it can protect you and your team over a larger area.

4. Speed Build

If you like how warframe volt build can go super fast and how to make it even greater. To make Volt faster, pick mods that make Speed last longer and make you faster. Three great mods for this style are Narrow Minded, Fleeting Expertise, and Sprint Boost.

Narrow Minded makes Speed stay on for a longer time, Fleeting Expertise makes Speed work superior so you can use it more, and Sprint Boost gives you even more speed. So, if you want Volt to be the fastest, use these mods, and you’ll be lively through missions fast.

5. Experiment and Refine

Playing around with Volt’s mods can help you find what works best for you. If you get new mods or learn more about what Volt is good at, don’t be scared to change things. Start by trying out different mods, and you’ll see Volt getting even stronger. This keeps the game fun, and you get to make Volt better your way.

As you collect more mods and get to know Volt’s abilities better, you can keep making Volt perform better. Set up Volt as you like it, and you’ll be ready for any challenges. So, enjoy trying things out and see Volt become fantastic. Your game with Volt is full of fun and chances to make it even better.

6 Super-Effective Volt Builds

1. Speedster Volt

Speedster Volt

Make Warframe Volt build super fast by adding mods like Speed Drift and Cunning Drift. These mods make Volt run fast. With this setup, you’ll be able to finish missions quickly. This build works best when you find big open areas like the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis.

In these places, Volt’s extra speed helps you move around much faster. Whether you’re on a mission or just having fun, this Volt build will make you feel like the fastest gamer ever. So, get your gear ready, put on those mods, and prepare to zip through your missions with speed.

2. Electric Shield Volt

Electric Shield Volt

Boost Volt’s Electric Shield to protect your team even better. Use the Transistor Shield upgrade with mods that make it last longer and cover a bigger area. This makes a strong energy bubble to keep your friends safe.

Transistor Shield makes it even tougher. Then, with mods that make it last and cover more space, you can turn it into a tough dome. Your team stays safe behind this energy bubble.

This upgraded ability not only helps your team but also makes the game more exciting. Think about your team safely behind this energy bubble, ready for any challenge. So, make Warframe Volt build Electric Shield powerful, use those mods, and enjoy the fun of being safe in your energy bubble.

3. Discharge CC Volt

Discharge CC Volt

If you want to control big crowds with Volt while enjoying an engaging gaming experience, use mods like Overextended and Stretch.

These mods make warframe volt build Discharge ability cover a larger area. Volt steps in, electric sparks flying. You hit Discharge, and bam.

Lightning shoots out everywhere, shocking and stunning any opponents in its way. With Overextended and Stretch, that way gets much wider. So, if you’re defending a spot or want to show off your electric moves, this build has you covered.

4. Shock Trooper Volt

Shock Trooper Volt

Let’s make Volt’s Shock attack hit hard. To do this, get some mods like Intensify and Augur Secrets. These mods will make your shocks way stronger, shocking your enemies big time.

Intensify makes your shocks hit even harder, while Augur Secrets adds much power. When you’ve got these mods on, taking down enemies becomes easy.

Think of your Warframe as a thunderstorm, shooting lightning bolts that make enemies run away scared. The more you power up your Shock move, the more damage it does.

So, put on those mods and watch Volt’s electric attack become amazing. It’s time to release the lightning and see Volt’s supercharged power in action.

5. Eidolon Hunter Volt

Eidolon Hunter Volt

When you’re out hunting Eidolons, make your weapons stronger by using mods like Dead Eye and Sniper Ammo Mutation, and make sure you’re comfortable.

These mods will help your guns hit harder and ensure you don’t run out of ammo during the fight. But it’s not just about hitting hard. You also need to keep your team safe. That’s where Volt’s Electric Shield comes in handy.

So, don’t forget two things: use mods like Dead Eye and Sniper Ammo Mutation to improve your weapons, and use Warframe Volt to build Electric Shield to stay safe. With this plan, you’ll be ready for your Eidolon hunts, dealing lots of damage and keeping your team out of trouble.

6. Supportive Volt

Supportive Volt

To be a great teammate with Warframe Volt, use mods that make his energy refill quickly and his powers stay on for longer. This way, you can keep helping your team with Electric Shield and Speed.

With more energy, you’ll always have enough to use your powers whenever you want. When your powers last longer, Electric Shield protects your team for a more extended time, and Speed keeps everyone moving faster for a while.

By having lots of energy and long-lasting powers, you become an important part of your team, giving them a big advantage in their missions. As a Volt player, your strong support will help your team succeed, making you the best teammate.

So, make sure to equip those energy-boosting mods and keep your powers going to give your team the edge they need to win their missions.


This Warframe Volt Build Guide must have provided you with some easy and effective builds to make your Volt Warframe powerful. If you want to kill enemies with electricity, protect your team, or speed through missions, there’s a build here for you.

Don’t forget that Warframe is all about having fun, so feel free to experiment with these builds and find the one that suits your playstyle the best.

As you level up your Volt and collect more mods, you can continue to clear your build and make your Volt even stronger.

And don’t forget to pay attention to updates and changes to the game, as they may affect the effectiveness of certain builds. In the game of Warframe, Volt can be a true game-changer, and with these builds, you’re well on your way to exciting success.

Go out and use the Warframe Volt build’s power.

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