Titania Warframe Builds

Titania is a Warframe based on the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. She has been portrayed as the Queen of the fairies. She is the first Warframe that could fly via a channeled ability.

She is really a mischievous fairy. Titania spellbinds her enemies, makes them weak, and creates havoc using her razor files, taking them to doom. She is also the only Warframe to wield two exalted weapons.

Titania Prime Builds Guide

Titania is a well-balanced Warframe. She can fly, wields dual weapons, deals decent damage, and is easy to farm. Even though Titania has a lot of qualities, she has not been a fan favorite of Warframe. People mostly use her in the missions against the boss due to her ability to fly and brilliant evasive powers. Let us look at Titania Warframe and discuss some of the great Titania builds that are fun to play with.

How to Acquire Titania?

You will have to play the Silver Grove Quest to acquire the main and the component’s blueprints. You can also buy some of the blueprints from Cephalon Simaris.

Abilities of Titania:

  1. Spellbind – This spell suspends the enemy in the air making the nearby allies immune to damage. The enemy is then not able to handle the weapon properly and sometimes even drop it.
  2. Tribute – Using this spell Titanium draws out energy from the enemy in form of some random ability. This weakens the attacking capacity of the enemy as well.
  3. Lantern – Titanium can summon a swarm of razor flies using this ability. The razor flies make the enemies a floating beacon attracting witless comrades. Lastly, the enemy explodes.
  4. Razorwing – Using this ability Titania can fly. She shrinks down to fly while the Razorflies keep attacking the enemies nearby.

Titania builds:

Now you know the abilities and the pros and cons of the Titania Warframe. Let us take a look at the popular Titania build, some mods for customization, and tips for creating custom builds as well. These builds will be helping you in surviving the mission and earning the rewards.

Each of these builds that you must survive has some important mods that will be helping you in surviving throughout the mission. We will now discuss these builds and how we will be using the respective mods in the builds.

Ultimate Endgame – Titania Build (Dex Pixia Build)

The first and the foremost Titania build the Ultimate Endgame. In this build, you can use any of the Aura mods and any Arcane, as this build allows you to use every ability together. It has some of the great mods that are the Aerodynamic and the Agility Drift.

The Aerodynamic mod reduces the damage of Airborne by 24%, and the Agility Drift reduces the damage by 12%. These two abilities, when combined, can give a fair amount of healing from damage. The Primed Continuity gives you a good ability strength and ability duration.

Dex Pixia Build

It has two significant mods that are the Adaptation and the Umbral Intensify mod, which can be used in resisting the damage that is done to you. The Umbral Intensify will be providing you a great deal from damage and let you gain a fair amount of ability strength and Tau resistance.

Once you get these mods together, then it will be easier for you to survive the mission. However, there are some cons in few mods, but that can be overlooked as when these mods are combined, they do not let you down.

Titania Build – General Use (The Razorwing Blitz Build)

The second Titania builds its general use build that allows every arcane and each aura mods together. Therefore, this build becomes more comfortable to survive, as you can use every ability of the Warframe here.

These abilities allow you to gain control over damage and destruction. Once you get the Quick Thinking and the Corrosive projection, then you will be getting the armor reduction and gaining the ability strength altogether.

The Razorwing Blitz Build

The Titania General build also allows you to use the Aviator mods that let you reduce the damage up to 10%. The Narrow-minded build allows you to gain reasonable control over the ability strength and the ability range. Once you gain the right control over these two abilities, then it will be easier for you to face a large group of mobs at once. So, the only thing that you will be required to keep in mind is to use the correct set of combinations altogether.


So far, we have discussed various Titania Warframe and how we will be using the builds to get through the mission.

The things that you will be needed to keep in mind are that these abilities will allow you to stand against your enemies, and if you use the right combination of mods, you will be able to kill a bunch of enemies at once.

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