Harrow Warframe Builds that Deserves a Try

Released in the 21st Update in 2017, Harrow is a well-balanced Warframe in terms of Health, Armor, Shield, and Energy. Like Hildryn, Harrow is also a battle tank having enormous shield value, only next to Hildryn. He also has the highest over shield value among all Warframes.

There has been a continuous debate regarding the character of Harrow. Some find it useful, while some call it obsolete and uninteresting. Well, everyone has got his own opinion so, we will leave that to one’s personal choice.

But using Harrow in suitable scenarios may be fun. He can bolster the allies’ defence and amplify their lethality, making him the right choice for the support role. In this article, we will discuss in detail top Harrow builds and how they can be useful.


  • 🌟 Harrow is one of the best warframes in the game, with abilities that work well together, providing survivability, crowd control, and energy regeneration per kill.
  • πŸ›‘οΈ Harrow’s ultimate ability, Covenant, provides invulnerability and turns acquired damage into crits, making it a powerful defensive and offensive tool.
  • πŸ”₯ The guaranteed red crits on weapons with high crit chance make Harrow’s build incredibly powerful and versatile.
  • βš”οΈ Harrow can negate incoming damage from the idolans with his governance invulnerability, making him a great energy provider to the team.
  • πŸ”₯ Subsuming thermal Sunder into Harrow through the helmuth system has changed the game, showing the importance of adapting and evolving Warframe builds.
  • πŸ”₯ Thermal Sunder Harrow has become so strong that it can melt high-level enemies, making it a popular choice even in duvery Paradox.
  • πŸ’ͺ Supporting the team with invulnerability and critical chance buff adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Abilities of Harrow:

  1. Condemn – Harrow casts this ability to chain the enemies at their position. Every enemy he chains reinforce its shields.
  2. Penance – This ability is very dynamic. Harrow sacrifices its shields to boost the reload speed. After that, every damage dealt with enemies reinforces the health of Harrow and allies.
  3. Thurible – Using this ability, Harrow generates a buff by channeling energy into the Thurible. Then it kills the enemies bestowing the allies with energy blasts. Each headshot produces extra energy.
  4. Covenant – Harrow uses this ability to defend his allies by absorbing all the damage, converting it to a critical chance of bonus for those under the covenant.

Harrow Builds:

Harrow uses a lot of casting, so definitely, more and more energy is required. Using Primed Flow can fulfill the energy requirement for casts. While in the frontline, Vitality is a very good choice for boosting health to sustain longer.

For the support mode, when Harrow is required to cast his abilities to absorb the damage Natural Talent with Umbral Intensify or Streamline can be the right choice. One more safe option is to use Corrosive Projection or Energy Siphon as aura mod. Now let us take a look at famous Harrow builds.

Harrow Build – All-Purpose Squad Support

Harrow Build – All-Purpose Squad Support

The very first Harrow build that we will be discussing is its All-Purpose build. This build allows us to use every aura mod and any arcane as it works fine. This build allows you to use the Corrosive projection mod and the primed flow mod that helps in decreasing the Armor reduction.

The Intensify and Primed Continuity mods are those mods that will be allowing you to increase the ability strength by 30% and ability duration by at least 55%. Along with this, the other mod that can be used here is the Constitution mod that allows you to increase chances of resisting faster knockdowns.

The Harrow build also allows shields to protect yourself from getting into the enemy’s radar. This shield also protects you from getting killed by shots of enemies as the shots bounce back to the enemies.

So, using the shield is a good option in this build. Along with the shield, the other mods that can be used are the Natural talent that helps in increasing the speed and the streamline that helps in increasing the ability. The Primed continuity and the Redirection increase the shield capacity and health.

Harrow Build – The Acolyte

Harrow Build – The Acolyte

The next build that we will be discussing is the Acolyte Harrow build. This build is suggested for any mission and any level of players. The beginners and the experienced players can be a part of this build as it allows to use of different mods that are suitable for both. So, if there is a beginner, then he can use the Corrosive projection and the power drift mod for decreasing the energy armor and increasing the ability strength.

The Streamline and Overextended mods are generally preferred by experienced players because these mods often need to be combined with several other mods to gain power. The Natural talent helps in improving the casting speed, whereas the vitality mods help in increasing the survival rate. These mods are the most essential mods used in almost every mission when the opponents are of a higher level.

The Primed Flow and primed continuity mods are the vital mods that help improve health and strength. All these mods, when combined, form a great combination to stand against the enemies.


So far, we saw Harrow Warframe, its abilities, and famous Harrow builds. Though there are rifts among gamers regarding the usefulness of Harrow Warframe, we can see it is a balanced Warframe, and none of the significant parameters like health, armor, shield, and energy are lacking.

Using the right Harrow build and picking it selectively for specific missions can turn it from boring to fun. Also, using the guide, you can try creating your own Harrow build, which suits your gameplay and have fun around.

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