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Inspired by the Monkey King of the Chinese lore ‘Journey to the West,’ Wukong is one of the three earliest Warframes released in 2015. Wukong Warframe is described as “A Primal Warrior with the heart of a Trickster” by the developers. Like the Monkey King’s iconic weapon, the theRuyi Jingu Bang, Wukong can also summon a variably sized Iron staff.

Wukong Build

Wukong is a well-balanced Warframe with high armor and is fun to play with character. Wukong uses his trickeries to devastate enemies by summoning his twin and making enemies helpless by absorbing all of the damages and then firing it back on them. Sounds quite fun, Right? Let us check out this Primal Warrior’s abilities, create some perfect Wukong builds, and prepare for wreaking havoc.


  • 🤔 Wukong’s rework has changed how the warframe functions entirely, making him feel less bland and more interesting to play.
  • 🎯 The clone will have a 200% damage multiplier when attacking the marked target so give him a powerful weapon and he will destroy things.
  • 🛡️ Wukong’s Defy ability makes him and his twin invulnerable, taunting enemies to attack and absorbing their damage before unleashing it back with explosive force.
  • 🌀 Wukong’s rework has made his iron staff insanely powerful, especially when used with condition overload.
  • 🐒 Wukong’s new passive ability offers a range of survival techniques, including invisibility, elemental damage boost, and invulnerability, making him a true immortal in the game.
  • 🌀 The combination of primed flow and streamline allows for a larger energy pool and increased efficiency in using Wukong’s abilities.
  • 🔪 Using sacrificial steel to increase critical chance and beserker for attack speed increase creates a deadly combination for Wukong’s rework build.

How To Acquire Wukong?

The blueprints of Wukong must be acquired from the Tenno lab in the dojo.

Abilities of Wukong:

  1. Celestial twins – Like the Monkey King of the folklore, Wukong can create his twin to fight on his side. The twin can attack, pull a blade, provide cover fire and do melee while you are busy attacking the range.
  2. Defy – Using this ability Wukong, and the twin absorbs all the damage and channels it through the staff to attack the enemies. Both the twin and the Wukong himself become invulnerable, and they overpower the enemies. It also provides bonus aromas.
  3. Cloud Walker – This ability allows Wukong to float into the cloud over the battlefield.
  4. Primal Fury – Well, again, like the Monkey King, Wukong can summon a staff using this spell.

Wukong Builds:

So far, we took a general overview of Wukong and his abilities. Though these abilities make Wukong a different Warframe than others, there are some unique builds in Wukong that allow the players to use different mods to kill a large group of mobs at once. Now let us see how the popular Wukong builds and the mods which can be used to create custom builds.

Ultimate Endgame – Wukong Build

Ultimate Endgame – Wukong Build

The first and the foremost Wukong Build that we will be discussing is its Ultimate Endgame Build. This build allows us to use every aura mod and any arcane as it works fine. This build is viable for the higher level of enemies.

In this build, the best mod that you can use is the Steel charge to provide increased damage of melee weapons. Along with this, the Ultimate Endgame allows you to use its Power Drift mod that increases ability strength and chances of resisting knockdowns. Its primed continuity mod helps in increasing the ability duration by 55%.

Also, the Umbral Intensify mod provided good ability strength and increased Tau resistance that provides a little longer survivability. The different mods that can be used here are the Umbral Fiber to give the ability and tau resistance and Vitality for regaining health reduction.

Along with these modes, the other popular mods that Wukong has are the Constitution for the recovery from knockdowns and the Augur secrets to increasing the ability strength.

The Adaptation mod increases the damage resistance that helps to increase the survivability chances. All these mods, when combined, make a great combination that allows the player to stand against the enemies.

Wukong Low MR Starter

Wukong Low MR Starter

The next build that we will be discussing is the Wukong Low MR starter. In this build, the Wukong is intended to increase its damage for melee weapon through its Steel Charge ability. This build allows you to use the Streamline mod that helps in increasing the ability strength.

This will help you in providing a great deal of damage. The Intensify mod and the Power Drift together make a great combination as they will be increasing your ability of strength and ability of duration at the same time, so it will allow you to kill a large number of enemies.

The Flow and Vitality Wukong mods are to be used for increasing the survival rate and the energy max. Similarly, the two mods that can be combined are the Continuity and Intensify, that will be allowing you to increase the ability strength and the ability duration.

So, all these mods, when combined, allow the player to use each of its abilities to face the enemies. However, there are few cons of every mod, but that can be overlooked as once combined with other mods, every con turns into a strength.


In this guide, we discussed the two significant builds of Wukong and how the different modes are helpful to the players. All you need to keep in mind are the mods that you can use together.

With Umbral Intensify mod, the best mod that can be used is the Vitality to increase the chances of survivability and increasing health.

This survivability rate will help you in killing a large group of enemies while protecting yourself.

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